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Swap Bitcoin (BTC) to Blur (BLUR)

Swap Bitcoin (BTC) to Blur (BLUR)

Using Zengo, you can safely trade Bitcoin (BTC) for Blur (BLUR). The following guide provides a step-by-step process to swap your BTC for BLUR safely and securely. 

Bitcoin (BTC) is among the first and most widely recognized cryptocurrencies; Satoshi Nakamoto formally launched in 2009 after being introduced in 2008. Functioning independently of traditional banking, it fosters a decentralized approach to financial management. Bitcoin operates on the blockchain network, a connected data block that allows transactions to be recorded and tracked. Moreover, Bitcoin uses a proof-of-work (PoW) technique, facilitating coin production through mining. Its open-source nature guarantees broad accessibility, rendering it a preferred asset for buying, selling, and trading. As Bitcoin’s acceptance in the cryptocurrency market grows, global organizations increasingly accept it as a payment method.

Blur (BLUR) is an ERC-20 token and native governance for the NFT marketplace that was launched in 2022. It is essential for the operation of Blur DAO. Holders of BLUR can participate in projects and vote for the community. The purpose of the token is to empower the NFT community and provide faster NFT swaps, better fees, and a more accessible interface.

How to Trade BTC for BLUR With Zengo?

Users can swap BTC for BLUR on Zengo using a secure platform. Firstly, download the Zengo app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. As soon as you’ve set up an account and completed the onboarding process, you’ll be able to begin trading.

If your Zengo account is already set up, follow these steps to swap your BTC for BLUR:

Step 1​:

Open your Zengo app and select the “Actions” button on the main menu.

Step 2:

Select “Trade.”

Step 3:

Choose the BTC and BLUR pair (or vice versa) and enter the amount you want to trade.

Step 4:

Check all the details, and click “Confirm.” Zengo will notify you once the trade has been completed successfully.

Why Zengo is the Best Non-Custodial Crypto Wallet to Swap Bitcoin for Blur

Trade BTC for BLUR effortlessly with Zengo’s user-friendly app. Learn why Zengo is the top choice for maintaining and managing your crypto investments:

Endless Possibilities

Using Zengo, you can hold, trade, buy, sell, send, and receive digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Dogecoin, and Polygon. Furthermore, as a Web3-ready crypto and NFT wallet with WalletConnect functionality, Zengo offers seamless integration with numerous decentralized applications (Dapps).

Safety and Security

Regarding security, Zengo is unmatched, as it combines MPC technology and a biometrical 3-factor authentication system to protect your digital assets. On top of that, Zengo offers a powerful Web3 firewall that keeps you safe while interacting with a wide selection of Web3 Dapps. Learn more about Zengo’s advanced security measures.

Accessibility and Control

Zengo is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to control your private keys while providing safe and secure access to your cryptocurrency holdings. The Zengo wallet offers top-notch security and ease of use, making it ideal for beginners and experienced traders.

Fair Fees

Zengo allows trading various crypto assets at fair and reasonable prices. Sending to other wallets doesn’t cost any extra fees, but network fees are still charged. You can also set the price for your gas fees, choosing between immediate transactions or slower but cost-saving ones. Learn more about our network fees here.

Effortless Recoverability

With Zengo’s advanced keyless recovery system, you can restore access to your account anytime, regardless of the circumstances, even if your device is lost or broken or accidentally erodes the app from your mobile phone. Simply install the Zengo app on a new device and use your Facial ID to log in.

24/7 Live Customer Support

Zengo’s team is always ready to assist you with questions or immediate help. Our customer service is on hand 24/7, including weekends and holidays. Use the Zengo app’s live chat or email us for prompt assistance. For more general questions, check out our Online Help Center and FAQs.


Investing in cryptocurrencies can be a thrilling journey, but the inherent volatility of crypto tokens means there’s risk involved. Although Zengo offers a secure platform protecting crypto and NFT investments, it does not provide financial advice. We recommend doing extensive research before investing in cryptocurrencies or NFTs.

FAQs about swapping BTC for BLUR

If you still have questions, you can find more information on swapping BTC to BLUR with Zengo in the FAQ section below.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the original cryptocurrency operating on its blockchain platform. Bitcoin functions as a decentralized digital currency, facilitating independently from the government. Blur (BLUR) is a governance token launched in 2022. Holders of BLUR have the opportunity to take part in the governance and make a profit from the community.

Trading BTC for BLUR on a Zengo wallet means swapping one coin for another through Zengo’s built-in swapping feature.

A cryptocurrency wallet is crucial if you want to trade tokens, including BTC and BLUR. Zengo supports both the process of trading and the specific tokens involved.

Yes, there are minimum trading amounts, but they vary depending on market conditions. Launch the Zengo app for up-to-date limits, choose the trading function, and select the relevant cryptocurrency pair. More information on Zengo’s fees and limitations can be found here.

The Zengo non-custodial wallet can trade BTC and BLUR for a broad selection of cryptocurrencies, including ETH, DOGE, LINK, XTZ, SAND, and VGX. Specific pairs may be available depending on market conditions. To see availability, simply launch the app and select the tokens you’re interested in.

You can transfer funds to external wallets quickly with Zengo without restrictions. To begin, sign in to the app, choose BTC or BLUR, click “Actions,” tap “Send,” set the transfer amount and recipient details, and follow the on-screen instructions.

After your trade is completed, Zengo will send you a notification. In addition, you can confirm that your trade is complete when the status changes from “Trade Pending” to “Trade Received” in the app’s transaction history

Yes, Zengo provides a fiat-to-crypto on-ramp gateway, making it easy to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency. Although some tokens may not be available to purchase. As an alternative, you can buy well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Tether, or Ethereum and swap for the token of your choice. To proceed, launch the app, select “Actions,” click “Buy,” pick out your token, and then choose the amount and your preferred payment method. You can pay via MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, or bank wire transfers.

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