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Theft Protection

Protect your assets with an industry-leading feature designed exclusively for Zengo Pro customers: Theft Protection.  Locking your assets to your unique 3D FaceLock biometrics, we’ve turned the future of asset security into reality.

More secure than hardware wallets

Why Zengo Pro's Theft Protection?

Stop worrying about someone unlocking your phone and draining your wallet. Zengo Pro’s Theft Protection ties your 3d FaceLock verification biometrics to withdrawals (and even Web3 approvals), providing an unrivaled layer of defense.

Only you – and no one else – can authorize transactions.

Your assets, Your control

With Zengo Pro, you’re in control. Customize the dollar threshold that triggers your Multi-Factor Authentication with 3D FaceLock.

You can even choose ultimate peace of mind and activate this feature for every transaction

How Theft Protection Works

Step 1​: Upgrade to Zengo Pro

When you upgrade to Zengo Pro, enabling Theft Protection unlocks a suite of customizable settings to cater to your unique security needs.

Step 2: Enable Multi-Factor Auth

Activating Multi-Factor Auth (MFA) is as simple as flipping a switch. Once you’ve upgraded to Zengo Pro, you’ll find an option to enable MFA protection within your app settings security tab.

Step 3: Adjust your Protection Level

Everyone’s security needs vary. That’s why Multi-Factor Auth (MFA) is completely adjustable.

Apply MFA to every transaction for maximum security, or specify a minimum dollar threshold to trigger MFA’s 3D FaceLock: Any amount over $50, $500, $5,000, or whatever suits your needs.

Step 4: Protect Web3 Transactions, too!

With Zengo Pro, you can extend Theft Protection to your built-in Web3 firewall.

If you’re invested in DeFi, NFTs, or other Web3 dapps, Zengo Pro’s got you covered.

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