Our research is currently focused on applied threshold cryptography and distributed systems security

Our Projects

We are exploring methods for recovering funds from threshold-based wallets.
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We are developing protocols to allow for atomic cross-chain swaps based on the gradual release of secrets.

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We are identifying security vulnerabilities in threshold wallets, as well as developing solutions to overcome those vulnerabilities.

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We are researching how to create an efficient protocol for using threshold signatures with shielded Zcash transactions.

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This project focuses on researching how to use distributed networks for secure computation protocols.


We are working on a practical, privacy-enhancing tool for cryptocurrencies which is deployable on today’s cryptocurrency networks. 


We are researching a UC model for software and threshold wallets.

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Lead Researchers


Omer Shlomovits

Swiss Army Knife


Claudio Orlandi



Ittay Eyal

Distributed Systems


Oded Leiba

Blockchain Research


Tal Be'ery

Blockchain Research


Alex Manuskin

Distributed Systems

Want to Contribute?

We are looking for interns, visitors, and fellow researchers to help turn great ideas into reality.