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Euro Coin Wallet

Euro Coin is an ERC-20 stablecoin backed by the Euro at a 1-1 ratio. This means every time one Euro Coin is minted one Euro must be deposited into a bank account backing EUROC. Euro Coin was created by Circle, the company behind the highly successful USDC. Euros supporting Euro Coin are held at leading financial institutions. Circle posts monthly updates and annual audits submitted to the SEC for the highest levels of trust and integrity.

You can use a Zengo wallet to easily hold, trade, and send EUROC. With Zengo’s non-custodial wallet, your Euro Coins will be easy to access, and you can rest easy knowing they are always secure and recoverable. Zengo is the best option for beginners to get into crypto without sacrificing the advanced functionality crypto vets need.

EUROC - Euro Coin By Circle

What can you do with Euro Coin (EUROC) Wallet?

Zengo has all the features a crypto wallet needs. Think 24/7 access to your assets, fast trades, guaranteed recovery, and security to defend against hackers. But Zengo has that and more. Here’s why so many crypto users choose Zengo keyless wallet:

View Your EUROC Portfolio​

With Zengo tracking, your EUROC is stress-free. We included all the features you need to replace complicated crypto management apps. Zengo gives you all the info you need in one place. Never lose track of the crypto markets with Zengo.

Send and Receive EUROC Tokens

Moving your EUROC has never been so quick and easy! With Zengo, a couple of swipes sends crypto anywhere. Simply share your wallet address with the sender, and Zengo will give you a push notification and email when your funds arrive.

Swap to EUROC Stablecoins with Uniswap​

With a Zengo wallet, crypto-assets like EUROC are at your fingertips. Zengo provides you with access to Uniswap, with which you can swap any ERC-20 token or ETH directly into EUROC.

Holding and Storing EUROC​

To hold EUROC tokens long-term, Zengo has what you need – state-of-the-art security protocols and recovery methods you can trust. Our features ensure you always have access to your crypto even if your phone gets broken or lost.

Trade or Exchange Ethereum for Bitcoin and Other Coins and Tokens

Trade EUROC anywhere and anytime with a Zengo wallet. Our complete list of tokens gives you access to the most popular coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, USDC, Tezos, and Dogecoin.

Competitive Interest Accounts for Dozens of Crypto Coins​

The Zengo savings service features interest rates higher than many fiat banks! But keep in mind that interest rates only apply to specific coins. Just keep watching for deals because new offers are constantly coming online.

Top 10 Things You Should Know about Euro Coin (EUROC)

Thinking about stocking up on EUROC? Here is a high-level view of the project:

1. What is Euro Coin (EUROC)?

Euro Coin is a fiat collateralized stablecoin with a 1-1 ratio, meaning every EUROC is backed by one Euro as collateral. The value of EUROC is designed always to be 1 Euro no matter what the rest of the crypto market does.

2. Who Created Euro Coin?

Euro Coin was created by Circle, the company behind the widely traded USDC, and was co-founded by current CEO, Jeremy Allaire, and Sean Neville. Sean Neville has now stepped down as co-CEO but remains on the board at Circle.

3. Why Was EUROC Created?

Euro Coin is an alternative to stablecoins backed by the US dollar. A Euro-backed stablecoin has different inflation rates than USD-backed coins while still being backed by real currency, unlike algorithmic stablecoins.

4. What is the Use Case for Euro Coin (EUROC)?

As a stablecoin, EUROC is a reliable store of value, which reduces risk while trading or interacting with Defi protocols. EUROC also presents an opportunity for fast and cheap international transfers or easy payment at the point of sale.

5. When Was Euro Coin (EUROC) Introduced?

Euro Coin was launched on June 30, 2022, and is modeled after the full-reserve model of USDC. EUROC was made available on a limited number of centralized exchanges and Defi protocols but is rapidly expanding.

6. Can You Mine Euro Coin (EUROC)?

EUROC is minted, not mined. EUROC is minted by connecting Euro-denominated bank accounts to a Circle Account. Euros are deposited, and the equivalent number of EUROC is minted at no cost.

7. How Many Euro Coin (EUROC) Tokens Are There?

The total supply of Euro Coin depends on how many EUROC coins are minted or redeemed. This supply can be monitored at the EUROC Ethereum smart contract address found here.

8. What Kind of Blockchain Does Euro Coin (EUROC) Run On?

EUROC is an ERC-20 token launched on the Ethereum blockchain, while all Euro reserves are held at trusted financial institutions. 

9. Does Euro Coin (EUROC) Have an Online Community?

The Euro Coin community is focused on the Circle Twitter account, where regular updates in the form of articles, videos, and live streams are posted about USDC and EUROC.

10. How Does Euro Coin (EUROC) Stay at 1 Euro?

Because every time one EUROC is created, one Euro must be exchanged, and the price can stay stable. Whenever a EUROC is redeemed for a Euro, the equivalent amount of EUROC is burned.

What Are the Features of Euro Coin (EUROC)?

EUROC is an ERC-20 token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain.​

Euro Coin has committed to transparency with monthly updates and audits.​

EUROC is a stablecoin – meaning the price is always the same, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, which are notoriously volatile.​

EUROC is a more stable medium of exchange than other coins, making it ideal for loans, international payments, and Defi.​

Every Euro Coin is backed by one Euro held in euro-denominated banking accounts.​

Circle prioritizes compliance and working with trusted financial institutions.​

Exchanging EUROC for Euros is done without cost to the user.​

Fun Facts About Euro Coin (EUROC)

Circle helped create USDC, which is responsible for billions of dollars of transactions.​

Circle’s creation of both USDC and EUROC allows anyone to trade US dollars for Euros 24/7 frictionlessly.​

Because EUROC’s assets are backed by Euros, the project has received a BitLicense making it a rare fully regulated cryptocurrency.​

Circle has described the future as “Multi-chain,” suggesting EUROC and USDC will span many chains.​

By using EUROC tokens, the unbanked around the world can have access to savings in Euros.​

Circle’s creation of both USDC and EUROC allows anyone to trade US dollars for Euros 24/7 frictionlessly.​

Circle has described the future as “Multi-chain,” suggesting EUROC and USDC will span many chains.​

Why Choose Zengo?

Zengo is a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. The wallet has several unique features that make trading a breeze, whether you are highly experienced or a complete beginner.

Portfolio Accessibility

With Zengo, you can access your crypto portfolio at any time. Buy, trade, view, or send Ethereum to friends and family on the go, whenever you need to. Unlike other wallets, there are no minimums, no maximums, and no expensive transaction fees. Just safe and simple transacting.

Euro Coin (EUROC) Wallet Security

At Zengo, we take security seriously. 3-factor authentication, flawless facial recognition technology, and threshold key signature (TSS) keep your tokens safe from hackers and scams.

Control your Crypto

With a couple of taps and swipes, tokens in a Zengo wallet can be traded, sent, bought, and sold. We made sure Zengo is quick and easy to understand, so you have complete control over your assets. You won’t find any minimums or maximums in the Zengo wallet, just the tools to manage your crypto however you want.

Effortless Recoverability

Zengo will be able to restore access to your wallet and your coins through its authentication methods. If you lose your device at any time, our helpful agents will help you recover access in no time. 

24/7 Support with Live Agents in-App

At Zengo, we love automation and technology but not for our helpdesk. Find live support agents directly in the app, whenever you need them. We’re available 24/7. Zengo will help new crypto investors every step of the way.

Is anything unclear?

Euro Coin Wallet FAQ

Want more details about Zengo’s EUROC wallet? Check out this Q&A to get answers:

Buying EUROC doesn’t need to be confusing. Just search for the app in Google Play or the App Store. Once you download and install Zengo, follow the prompts to verify your identity. After completing the setup, you can navigate the home screen and buy some crypto!

Zengo keyless wallet is an excellent option to hold EUROC long-term. Zengo is ideal because advanced biometrics and security protect your EUROC from hackers. Even if something happens to your phone, you can trust Zengo authentication to recover your assets.

Your Zengo wallet provides proof you own your crypto. The best crypto wallets are both secure and accessible. Zengo’s EUROC wallet is popular because it allows you to send, receive, trade, or hold tokens without any hassle.

We made it easy for you! Just follow these five steps:

  1. Find Zengo in the App Store or Google Play. Just tap install, and then the Get Started option.
  2. Check your email for a message from Zengo.
  3. Set up facial recognition according to the instructions in the app
  4. Keep your account safe and choose “Backup Now.”
  5. Once completed, you have a Zengo wallet!

Welcome to the world of crypto!

Every Zengo account has a unique wallet address created when you open an account. To find the address, select EUROC on the home screen and swipe right. 

You will see a string of numbers and letters – this is your wallet address. To receive EUROC, share the address with the sender. The quickest way to share your address is to have your friend scan the QR code shown above your address.

The first thing you should do if you want to give Euro Coin to someone is to ensure their wallet supports Euro Coin. If they can’t receive EUROC, send them an invite to Zengo!

To send EUROC stablecoins, find Zengo on the home screen, select the token, and swipe left. Ask your friend for their wallet address and use it to fill out the prompts. Hit send, and get the person to check for a notification when the EUROC arrives in their wallet.

You can send EUROC in a couple of taps! Locate EUROC on the Zengo home screen. Select it, and then swipe left. Get the receiver to share their wallet address with you, follow the prompts, and hit send. When the funds arrive, the receiver will be notified.

If you need to receive EUROC, just share your EUROC wallet address with whoever is sending the coins. Find your address by selecting the EUROC icon on the Zengo home screen. Choose it, and swipe to the right. The string of numbers and letters shown is your EUROC wallet address. You can also have a sender scan the QR code for quick transfers in person. Zengo will make sure you get a notification when the funds arrive.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. Zengo does not provide any investment or financial advice whatsoever. As with any financial or investment decision, conduct your own research and due diligence to properly evaluate the benefits and risks of any investment or financial transaction and seek the advice and guidance of qualified financial professionals, in connection with any investment or financial transaction.