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Bitcoin Wallet


Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency released and is still the most commonly traded. Bitcoin is built on blockchain technology, and it is a digital token that can be sent electronically via a decentralized digital payment network. Bitcoin can be sent from one person to another, anywhere in the world. If you’re looking for a safe place to store your Bitcoin (BTC), then Zengo is the app for you.

What Can You Do With Zengo's Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet?

Being easy to use and highly secure, Zengo’s Bitcoin Wallet is the best place to buy, sell, exchange or grow your crypto. With Zengo, Your cryptocurrencies are protected from hackers, easy to access, and easily recoverable if you lose or change your device. 

View Your Bitcoin (BTC) Portfolio

Trying to keep track of online portfolio trackers is tiresome, and outdated, not to mention they can give you conflicting results. With Zengo, you’re able to view your Bitcoin (BTC) portfolio and keep up to date with market trends right from the app.

Send and Receive Bitcoin (BTC)

It’s easier than ever to send or receive your Bitcoin with the Zengo app. It is as simple as swiping or tapping on your home screen and following a few prompts. With Zengo, you’re able to receive and send BTC without having to leave the app.

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) On Zengo

Buying crypto shouldn’t be a complex process, yet it can seem very confusing and complicated to some. Zengo makes it easy even for first-time buyers to purchase crypto by simply swiping to the desired asset and following the on-screen prompts. 

Fiat Bitcoin (BTC) Gateway

Success in the crypto market depends on you buying at the right time. So to make this process easier, you can use Zengo to buy Bitcoin with real fiat currency like the US Dollar, Euro, and Pound Sterling. 

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) With Credit Card or Wire Transfer

Zengo offers various payment methods as we strive to be the most user-friendly wallet available on the market. You can pay via Visa, Mastercard, mobile payment apps, SEPA, and Swift transfer, with there being a minimum amount of transfers applicable when using bank transfers (EU and UK only).

Holding Bitcoin (BTC) Tokens

If you need to hold your crypto for an extended period of time, Zengo will keep your Bitcoin secure and ready to trade even if you lose your device or change phones. By using Zengo’s sophisticated recovery methods, holding onto your crypto in unexpected times is easier than ever. 

Trade or Exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, Ethereum, and Other Coins and Tokens

You can find a list of supported cryptocurrencies, which you can use to trade on the Zengo app. This includes but is not limited to trading BTC to DOGE, Ethereum, Tezos, and Shiba Inu, any of which can be exchanged for Bitcoin at a fair market rate.

Bitcoin (BTC) Competitive Interest Saving Account

By using Zengo’s saving service feature on their app, you can earn interest on your Bitcoin and other coins. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to specific coins; however, new currencies are added regularly.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a digital currency found on a decentralized network that you can use to buy, sell or exchange without going through a financial institute like a bank.

Here are ten things you should know about BTC:

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a digital decentralized currency that is not regulated by any banks or central institutes, meaning it operates free from the government. It can be sent from user to user using the Bitcoin network without needing intermediaries.

Who Created Bitcoin (BTC)?

Nobody really knows who created Bitcoin as the individual or group who created it used a false name, Satoshi Nakamoto. To honor his name the smallest unit of Bitcoin is called Satoshi.

What Is the Purpose of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin was created to be an alternative to the traditional currency used online and to help people save money. 

When Was It Introduced?

Bitcoin was originally created on October 28, 2008, by Satoshi Nakamoto. Many people claim it was actually minted on January 3, 2009, and therefore use that date as its birthday.  

How Many Bitcoins Were Created?

The supply of Bitcoin is limited to a final cap of 21 million. Currently (2023), 18.9 million tokens have been mined. No new Bitcoins will be released after the 21 million coin limit is reached.

What Kind of Blockchain Does It Run On?

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency operates on the Bitcoin blockchain which is a series of linked blocks of data containing transaction records. It is supported by a complex mining process to ensure the integrity of transactions. 

Who Are the Most Popular Supporters of Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is considered to be the most successful cryptocurrency on the planet. There are millions of people supporting it, as well as a lot of celebrities investing in it, like Snoop Dogg, Elon Musk, Jack Dorsey, Mark Cuban, etc.

How Can I Use Bitcoin in Real Life?

Bitcoin can be used to purchase a growing list of products that you would use real fiat currencies for, such as cars, jewelry, eCommerce products, insurance policies, or even real estate. The number of companies willing to use Bitcoin for transactions is growing day by day.  

Does Bitcoin Have an Online Community?

Bitcoin has a large, highly active online community across many social media platforms. Their Twitter following sits on 4.8 million, and their Reddit page has 4 million followers. Since Bitcoin is the largest and most spread cryptocurrency on the globe there are countless community channels for you to explore.

Can You Mine Bitcoin (BTC)?

While Bitcoins can be mined, creating them through mining is to solve extremely complex math problems that will verify transactions in the currency. As time goes on this process becomes more expensive. That is why many miners choose to mine other currencies instead of Bitcoin.

Fun Facts About Bitcoin (BTC)

What Are the Features of Bitcoin (BTC)?

Why Choose Zengo?

Keeping your Bitcoin secure is crucial, and the Zengo wallet is the safest and most secure non-custodial wallet available. The following are some of the reasons why so many people choose Zengo over other Bitcoin wallets:

Portfolio Accessibility

Zengo believes that your wallet should be flexible and accessible at any time without having to jump through hoops or pay exorbitant transaction fees to trade on the go. Therefore their app allows you to trade your Bitcoin anytime and anywhere.

Bitcoin (BTC) Keyless Wallet Security

Using the best in cyber-security protocols, Zengo’s wallet is one of the most secure wallets you will find. It makes use of three-factor authentication as well as threshold key signatures, MPC (multiparty computation), and facial recognition to keep your Bitcoins safe.

Control Your Bitcoin

Zengo allows you to trade, buy, send, and receive Bitcoin, all without having to incur additional transaction fees, meaning you get to stay in control of your BTC.

Effortless Recoverability

No need to worry if you lose your phone as Zengo backs up your Bitcoins, meaning it will be waiting for you when you log into a new device. Using their state-of-the-art biometrics allows you to access your funds no matter what device you are on.

In-App Live Agents, 24/7

We provide 24/7 support directly through the app or via email. If you have any questions regarding Zengo or any of its features, you can contact our live agents at any time. We also have a Help Center if you need more general information.

Bitcoin (BTC) Crypto Wallet FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our Bitcoin wallet so that you can learn more. Here we go!

Starting in crypto can be a scary thing when you don’t know where to begin or what to do. Luckily the Zengo app is user-friendly. All you need to do is download the app from your app store and follow the prompts. From there, you will verify your details, and once that is done, you can start buying Bitcoin from the home screen.

You can use Zengo to hold your Bitcoins for an extended period of time and have peace of mind knowing they will be safe and secure.

Your Bitcoin wallet is your proof of ownership required to access your coins. Hence, it’s essential for accessing and using your tokens. Think of it as a monetary safe that needs a password to open. Your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet acts as the password, allowing you to access your funds.

You can set up your BTC wallet by following Zengo’s five-step process:

  1. Install the app from the App Store, then click on Get Started.
  2. Enter your email address and validate it through the link in your email inbox.
  3. Follow the prompts to set up your facial recognition.
  4. Click on Backup Now.
  5. Complete the prompts, and you’re all done!

Your wallet address is automatically created the moment you create your Zengo account. Simply tap the asset on the home screen and swipe to the right for your QR code, followed by a series of numbers and letters that make up your wallet address.

Your friend or family member must have a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet. You can invite them to download the Zengo app using a referral code. Once they have created their account, you can gift them Bitcoins.

You can send Bitcoins to others by tapping the asset on the home screen, then swiping left and entering the address to which you want to send the BTC.

For someone to send you Bitcoins, they will need your wallet address. Once they initiate the transfer, you will get a notification with a request. The next step you’ll have to take is to go onto your Zengo app, swipe to the side of your screen, and hit the receive button.