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Dogecoin Wallet

Dogecoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. With values fluctuating dramatically from day to day, you need a crypto wallet that you can access safely on the go. 

Zengo offers a Dogecoin wallet so that you can safely store, buy and receive DOGE from your mobile phone. It’s a wallet that anyone can use, whether a novice or a veteran trader. 

Doge Coin SWAP

What can you do with Zengo's DOGECOIN Wallet?

Zengo is the go-to wallet for DOGE on the market and can be set up in seconds. It’s essentially a one-stop-shop for crypto investing, analysis, and trading in a few simple taps. Plus, Zengo offers 24/7 in-app customer service support with real people, not bots. Here are some of the things you can do with your Zengo Doge wallet:

View Dogecoin Portfolio

Zengo allows you to track your Dogecoin portfolio right in the app through the Historical Charts feature. You can follow your Dogecoin performance in real-time without hitting the refresh button on crypto news sites every few seconds.

Send and Receive DOGE

Sending and receiving Dogecoin is simple and intuitive. You can send assets in your preferred currency from the wallet by swiping right on the asset, or tapping the asset and hitting the Send button, and entering the address where you would like to send it. To receive coins, do the same, but swipe left!

Buy Dogecoin on Zengo

You can securely buy and trade DOGE directly from your Zengo wallet into US dollars or SWAP DOGE to BTC and Vice versa. It’s intuitive and easy, even if you’ve never bought DOGE before.

Fiat to Dogecoin Gateway

With Zengo, you can purchase Dogecoin with Fiat money (e.g., money that isn’t backed by commodities, like the Euro, US dollar, and pound sterling). That means that you don’t need to buy crypto with crypto!

Buy Dogecoin with Credit Card or Wire Transfer

With Zengo, you can buy Dogecoin with your credit card (Visa and Mastercard), Apple Pay or SEPA, or Swift transfer in many different countries in a few simple taps. Just tap on the buy icon, enter the amount you’d like to purchase, provide the required information and verification code sent to your email address, and choose your payment method.

Trade and Exchange Dogecoin for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Other Coins and Tokens

You can exchange your Dogecoin for supported cryptocurrencies using Zengo without leaving your wallet. There is no lengthy withdrawal process to follow, and you own your assets immediately. Any Zengo-supported asset can be traded for another Zengo-supported one, which means you can exchange your DOGE for Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Tezos, and other popular coins, tokens, and currencies.

Compounding Interest Accounts for Dozens of Crypto Coins

Zengo Savings is an excellent savings service by Zengo, offering an impressive up to 5% APY on up to $50,000 on cryptos deposited and up to 4% APY on Bitcoin, boosting your BTC deposits. And, considering that most banks offer a 0.06% interest rate on your cash, the compounding interest you can earn on your crypto is hard to pass up.

Top 8 Things you Should Know about Dogecoin

DOGE is well-known for its memes and humor, but there’s much more to the currency than cute dog pics. Here are some of our favorite facts about Dogecoin.

1. What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency (similar to BTC and ETH) that runs on blockchain technology. While it was created as a “joke,” making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies, it quickly became viewed as a serious investment with an active developer community and massive fanbase. Instead of presenting itself as a serious brand, the community of artists and supporters uses old-school graphics and a meme of a dog as marketing materials.

2. Who Created Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was created by two software engineers, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, on December 6, 2013. Both of its creators were among the earliest Bitcoin adopters and fans of blockchain technology. Even though the project started for fun, Dogecoin gained popularity and shot to fame when it became controversial.

3. Why was Doge Originally Created? What is the Purpose of Dogecoin?

It’s hard to believe that Dogecoin was created as a joke! The original site featured funny graphics and Comic Sans fonts. The two founders wanted to create a digital currency that would be more accessible than BTC. They also wanted to set their currency apart from other cryptocurrencies with a less than stellar reputation.

4. When Was Dogecoin (DOGE) Introduced?

Dogecoin entered the market relatively early, in December 2013. 

5. How Many Tokens were Created?

Unlike Bitcoin’s limited monetary policy (restricting Bitcoin to 21 million coins forever), Dogecoin’s monetary policy was one of abundance. They started with 100 billion coins. By mid-2015, the 100 billionth coin had been mined. Five billion coins are added to their circulation every year.

6. What Kind of Blockchain does it Run on?

Dogecoin was created using Litecoin code, a fork of the Bitcoin blockchain. The Ren Project has enabled Dogecoin to be used on the Ethereum blockchain. This is known as renDOGE, an exact representation of Dogecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. renDOGE allows you to trade DOGE on a decentralized exchange.

7. Does Doge Have an Online Community?

The Dogecoin community on Reddit call themselves “subshibers” and are 2.2 million members strong. You can join the subreddit here.

8. How Can I Use Doge in Real Life (if at all)?

There are currently over 1900 merchants that accept Dogecoin as payment for everything from household supplies to website domains.

What are the Features of Dogecoin (DOGE)?

Dogecoin has no maximum supply. Miners earn 10,000 DOGE per block, and one block is created every minute.

renDOGE can be used on the Ethereum blockchain and can access the DEFI network.

Dogecoin has 1,090 nodes compared to Bitcoin’s 10,000 nodes.

Unlike Ethereum and Polkadot, DOGE doesn’t burn coins.

An estimated 0.002% of Dogecoin wallets hold two-thirds of the total DOGE supply.

Fun Facts about Dogecoin

One of the original founders of Dogecoin sold all of his DOGE after being laid off in 2015. He said he made enough money “to buy a Honda Civic.”

Dogecoin was part of a TikTok challenge. A user asked 800 million people to invest $25 into Dogecoin to drive up the price. The trading volume increased by 2000% as a result.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) comprises big-name corporate supporters of Ethereum, including Microsoft, Intel, and JPMorgan Chase.

Shiba Inu fans use canine terms for trading and transacting, including digging (liquidity), burying (staking), and fetching (exchanging tokens). All of these terms were detailed in a so-called “woof paper” online.

Dogecoin was created in under 2 hours.

Why Choose Zengo?

Zengo is a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. The wallet has several unique features that make trading a breeze, whether you are highly experienced or a complete beginner.

Portfolio Accessibility

With Zengo, you can access your crypto portfolio at any time. Buy, trade, view, or send Ethereum to friends and family on the go, whenever you need to. Unlike other wallets, there are no minimums, no maximums, and no expensive transaction fees. Just safe and simple transacting.

Dogecoin Keyless Wallet Security

ZenGo uses a combination of threshold key signatures (TSS), multi-party computation (MPC), 3-factor authentication, email confirmation, and facial recognition to make your wallet secure and much less vulnerable to hackers.

Many wallets use a secure key that provides access to your wallet. This key is kept on your mobile phone, which can be lost, broken, or lost. ZenGo’s system uses the MPC process, which means your key is split into two: the ZenGo Server and your device. To access your information, both parties have to “agree”. It makes it much harder to hack.

Control your Crypto

Owning crypto doesn’t always mean you can freely access and spend it, especially if you use a custodial exchange. With ZenGo, you have complete control of your crypto at all times. Decide when to send crypto, receive crypto, buy or trade. This flexibility and control can make all the difference in a volatile market where things can change in a split second.

Effortless Recoverability

Zengo will be able to restore access to your wallet and your coins through its authentication methods. If you lose your device at any time, our helpful agents will help you recover access in no time. 

24/7 Support with Live Agents in-App

At Zengo, we love automation and technology but not for our helpdesk. Find live support agents directly in the app, whenever you need them. We’re available 24/7. Zengo will help new crypto investors every step of the way.

Is anything unclear?

Dogecoin Crypto Wallet FAQ

Questions? We've put together a list of the most commonly asked questions about Dogecoin. 

Zengo makes it easy to buy, trade, and hold Dogecoin and other forms of crypto. Start by doing some research and pick the currency that fits your needs. Once you’ve decided, download the Zengo app and purchase the payment method of your choice. We’ll throw in some free bitcoin on your first purchase!

When you get started with DOGE, the biggest concern is safety. Some people will advise you to store DOGE in a cold wallet (i.e., a wallet that isn’t accessible via the Internet) for safety reasons. Still, these are expensive, confusing, hard to use, and make trading difficult. Zengo offers bulletproof security with none of the hassles of a cold wallet.

A crypto wallet keeps your crypto safe and accessible. It’s a simple app on your phone run by a lot of complex and advanced technology in the background. That means you can send, receive and trade crypto like DOGE securely. Zengo’s wallet is non-custodial and keyless, which means that you have complete control over your DOGE and other currencies. Custodial wallets are usually web-based and place the control of your private keys (used to access your currency) in the hands of a third party like a crypto exchange, making it harder to transact and easier to get hacked.

Using a wallet is by far the safest option. Crypto isn’t protected by regulatory bodies the way banks protect cash, which is why a wallet is the best way to protect your crypto from being stolen by hackers. Not all wallets are made equal, though – make sure you use the most secure option. Zengo doesn’t require passwords and private keys, making it hard to hack but very easy to use.

Setting up a Dogecoin wallet is as easy as installing the Zengo app and following the prompts in a few simple taps.

It’s super easy to set up an account. Here’s how:

  1. Download Zengo. You’ll need an iPhone 5 and above or a device running Android 6.0 and above. 
  2. Open your app and swipe right, then click Get Started. 
  3. Enter your email address and confirm the link in your inbox. 
  4. Use your phone’s verification method (face verification, Touch ID, or passcode). 
  5. Click the icon on the left of your screen and then Back Up Now. 
  6. Click Continue. 
  7. Scan your face to create a secure 3D encrypted file, making sure your wallet is recoverable in the future.
  8. You’re all set!

In the Zengo app, simply swipe the asset to the left or tap the asset. You can view your address QR code. Your address is the long string of numbers and letters below the code.

You can invite your friend to download Zengo using a referral code and gift them Dogecoin. Your friend (or family member) will receive 10 USD in free bitcoin if they spend at least 200 dollars within 30 days of their first purchase. You will also receive a small referral bonus.

Send Dogecoin by swiping right on the asset or tapping the asset and hitting the Send button. You’ll need to add the address where you want to send it.

When someone sends Dogecoin to your wallet address, you’ll receive a notification informing you of the request. To receive Dogecoin in the Zengo app, swipe the asset to the left on your home screen or tap the asset and hit the Receive button. You’ll receive a notification when it arrives.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. Zengo does not provide any investment or financial advice whatsoever. As with any financial or investment decision, conduct your own research and due diligence to properly evaluate the benefits and risks of any investment or financial transaction and seek the advice and guidance of qualified financial professionals, in connection with any investment or financial transaction.