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Voyager Token Mobile Wallet

The VGX Token is an ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It was designed to reward and incentivize the use of the Voyager centralized exchange app. VGX serves as the primary payment method and a utility token for the app. Voyager offers VGX holders the opportunity to earn rewards for staking, get cashback on trades, and more.

Whether you are just getting started or have an existing crypto portfolio, Zengo is the safest and easiest way to buy, store and trade VGX tokens. Zengo is a keyless, non-custodial wallet that uses three-factor authentication and facial recognition to keep your coins safe and your account recoverable. 

Voyager token

What Can You Do With Zengo's Voyager Wallet?​

View VGX Portfolio

With Zengo, you will never need to consult a portfolio tracker or confusing forum again. You can view historical charts, your existing portfolio, and information about other cryptocurrencies you are interested in directly in the Zengo app.

Send and Receive Voyager

Zengo is designed to be flexible. Send and receive VGX directly by tapping the asset on your home screen. If you want to send VGX to someone else, just enter the wallet address and hit Send. If you are on the receiving end, share the wallet address located in the app with the sender. You’ll receive a notification when the coins arrive.

Buy Voyager (VGX) Tokens

You can buy VGX directly in the Zengo app. Even if you’ve never bought crypto before, Zengo will make it as simple as possible to get started. Just swipe the desired asset and follow the prompts. There are several payment options available for you to choose from.

Fiat to VGX Gateway

You can trade VGX for other cryptocurrencies (and vice versa) or purchase VGX using real fiat currency. Fiat currencies are real-world currencies that include US Dollars, Pounds, or Euros.

Trade or Exchange VGX for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Other Coins, and Tokens

You can trade your VGX for any of the other supported assets available in Zengo, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, DOGE, Tether, and Shiba Inu.

Holding and Storing VGX

At times, your best investment move is to stop moving altogether and hold (or HODL) your crypto until the market picks up. Zengo will keep your crypto secure while you HODL. When you are ready to trade again, you can pick up where you left off.

Competitive Interest Accounts for Various Crypto Coins

Zengo offers a crypto savings service that will enable you to earn up to 5% APY for $50,000’s worth of crypto coins. Only certain crypto coins can earn interest, but new coins are added regularly.

Top 9 Things You Should Know About Voyager (VGX)

VGX is an Ethereum-based token used to reward and incentivize the use of the Voyager exchange. Let’s dive into Voyager and VGX in greater detail!

1. What is Voyager (VGX)?​

Voyager (VGX) is best known for its high staking rewards and incentives, including crypto back rewards through its Loyalty Program.

2. Who Created Voyager?

Voyager was created by Steve Ehrlich and Phillip Eytan. In addition to Voyager, Phillip Eytan created a health care platform called Pager with several other tech entrepreneurs.

3. Why Was Voyager Originally Created? ​

According to the Voyager website, the company was created to eliminate the roadblocks in digital trading. Their goal was to bring “the best of the traditional equities world to crypto” while retaining the exciting and innovative aspects of cryptocurrency.

4. When Was Voyager Introduced?​

Voyager was introduced in 2018 and listed on the Toronto stock exchange in 2021. In August 2021, Voyager completed a historic token swap and merger that combined the VGX token with the LGO token, which they acquired in 2020.

5. How Many Tokens were Created?​

The maximum and circulating supply of VGX is set at 222, 295, 208 tokens. There are no plans to create any more tokens.

6. What Kind of Blockchain does it Run on?​

VGX runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s an ERC-20 token that plays a pivotal role in the Voyager ecosystem as it can be used for rewards and to generate interest in a Voyager app account.

7. Who Are the Most Popular Supporters of Voyager?

Rob Gronkowski (aka The Gronks) is the current brand ambassador for Voyager. He was a tight end for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

8. Does Voyager Have an Online Community? ​

The company does have a Facebook and Reddit page; both have a good following.

9. Can You Mine VGX?​

VGX can’t be mined like proof-of-work crypto assets as it is an ERC-20 token. You can purchase or trade for additional VGX in your Zengo wallet. 

What Are the Features of Voyager?

25% of VGX will be burned as transaction fees (removed from circulation) to increase its value. ​

Voyager is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. ​

Voyager is an ERC-20 token which means that it cannot be mined. ​

The average holding time of Shiba Inu is only 13 days. ​

Fun Facts About Voyager

VGX is staked within the Loyalty Program, allowing users to earn an annual yield interest of 7% in their first year. Tokens can be staked for governance purposes too. ​

The dog feaVitalik Buterin donated over $1 billion worth of SHIB to the India Covid-Crypto Relief Fund in 2021.tured on Dogecoin is a Shiba Inu.​

Voyager is backed by Uber co-founder Oscar Salazar. ​

The leadership team has a strong background in finance and tech, having worked for companies like E*TRADE, TradeIt, and Lightspeed Financial. ​

Why Choose Zengo?

Zengo is a one-stop-shop for all your cryptocurrency needs. The wallet has several unique features that make trading a breeze, whether you are highly experienced or a complete beginner.

Portfolio Accessibility

With Zengo, you can access your crypto portfolio at any time. Buy, trade, view, or send Ethereum to friends and family on the go, whenever you need to. Unlike other wallets, there are no minimums, no maximums, and no expensive transaction fees. Just safe and simple transacting.

VGX Keyless Wallet Security

Zengo takes every precaution to ensure that your wallet (and your coins) stay safe. We combine threshold key signatures (TSS), 3-factor authentication, and facial recognition to protect your crypto against hackers. To access your wallet, hackers need access to both your device and our server. One can’t be accessed without the other, making it near impossible to circumvent.

Control your Crypto

Access your VGX tokens on the go with Zengo. View, trade, send, receive or buy VGX on your mobile phone at any time without paying hefty transaction fees.

Effortless Recoverability

Zengo will be able to restore access to your wallet and your coins through its authentication methods. If you lose your device at any time, our helpful agents will help you recover access in no time. 

24/7 Support with Live Agents in-App

At Zengo, we love automation and technology but not for our helpdesk. Find live support agents directly in the app, whenever you need them. We’re available 24/7. Zengo will help new crypto investors every step of the way.

Is anything unclear?

Voyager (VGX) Crypto Wallet FAQ

Need to know more about Voyager and VGX? Here are a few of the common questions asked about Voyager.

We know how daunting it can be to get started with crypto. Zengo makes it easy. Just download the Zengo app from the app store and follow the prompts. Once you’ve verified your identity and email, you can buy crypto from the home screen. Just follow the simple steps in the app!

Safety is paramount when it comes to storing your VGX coins. You can hold (HODL) your coins for as long as you like in your Zengo wallet, and rest assured that they will be kept safe and secure until you are ready to trade.

Your wallet is the means of accessing your coins on the blockchain. Most people like to describe wallets as proof of ownership.


With Zengo, you can set up your VGX wallet in five simple steps. Here’s how. 


  1. Install the Zengo app from the app store. Click Get Started. 
  2. Enter your email address and validate it via the link in your inbox. 
  3. Follow the prompts to complete your facial recognition profile. 
  4. Click “Backup Now”. 
  5. Complete the prompts, and you are set up! 


Once your wallet is set up, you can start buying and receiving crypto right away.

You can find your VGX wallet address by tapping an asset on the home screen and swiping right. There will be a QR code and string of digits – this is your wallet address.

All you need to send someone VGX is their wallet address. In Zengo, tap the asset you want to send and swipe left. Enter the wallet address for the recipient and the amount to send. Hit Send, and they will receive their coins shortly.

Your Zengo app setup sets up your wallet for you. Just install the app, follow the verification prompts, and you’re good to go. You can view your wallet address and details in the app at any time.

If you would like to send VGX to others (or a different wallet/exchange), you simply need to tap the asset on the home screen, swipe right, enter the wallet address, and hit the send button.

You’ll need to provide your wallet address to the sender. You can find your wallet address in the app by tapping an asset and swiping right on the home screen. Then they need to hit Send. A notification will appear, letting you know that coins have landed in your wallet, and you can start trading right away.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is for educational purposes only. Zengo does not provide any investment or financial advice whatsoever. As with any financial or investment decision, conduct your own research and due diligence to properly evaluate the benefits and risks of any investment or financial transaction and seek the advice and guidance of qualified financial professionals, in connection with any investment or financial transaction.