Zengo Wallet Challenge: Hack Zengo, Win 10 Bitcoin

Tl;dr: We’re moving 10 Bitcoin (± $420,000 USD) into a Zengo wallet and inviting you to try and steal it. We’re so confident in the robustness of our security model, we’re even sharing some of the 3 recovery factors connected to this wallet. With 1,000,000+ customers since 2018 and 0 wallets hacked, drained, or phished, we stand by our claim that Zengo is the most secure crypto wallet (yes, more secure than hardware wallets).

UPDATE: After 15 days and 200+ hacking attempts, the #ZengoWalletChallenge is over! The assets remain secure. See post on X/Twitter here.

  • Questions: AMA here.
  • Updates? Hints dropped on X / Twitter.
  • Win $750 in Bitcoin, even if you can’t hack the wallet. Details.

Other wallets aren’t secure enough to do this: We are.

Zengo is secure by default, powered by the type of MPC cryptography only available to institutions until we launched in 2018.

Zengo has no single point of failure, no seed phrase vulnerability, and 3-step wallet recovery that’s tied to user biometrics. Zengo Pro offers next-gen security and self-custody features hardware wallets can’t offer, like Theft Protection, which we are using for this challenge.

With 6 audits in the last 5 years and a spotless track record, we’re putting 10 Bitcoin (over $420,000 USD) in a Zengo wallet, waiting just for you. It’s on-chain, yours for the taking.

Details below.

Challenge Details: Ready, Zen, Go!

The #ZengoWalletChallenge will launch around 9AM EST on Tuesday, January 9th, and last for 15 days. To make things easier for you (and harder for us) we will share some of the 3 recovery factors you’ll need to gain access to the wallet. The #ZengoWalletChallenge is not your typical bounty: The assets will be on-chain.

This blogpost will be continuously updated:

Day 1 – Launch Day: Tuesday, January 9th around 9AM EST (Proof video below ⬇️ )

Day 6: Sunday, January 14th around 9AM EST:

Day 13: Sunday, January 21st around 9AM EST:

  • Security Factor Hint #2: The email address associated with the Recovery File Cloud Backup is: [email protected] – learn more about the Recovery File here.
  • 5 more Bitcoin added! See on-chain here.

Day 16: Wednesday, January 24 around 9AM EST:

  • Competition ends!
  • We’ll share anything interesting and announce any relevant winners, runners-up, or insights in February, linking a few of them below (coming soon).

If you manage to get the Bitcoin (and we certainly hope you don’t) then message us at [email protected] and tell us how you did it.

Win Bitcoin: Even if you can’t hack the wallet

Most bounties don’t award those who try. This one does.

WHAT: Create content about our MPC cryptography, recovery process, and advanced features, and win up to $750 USD in Bitcoin.

  • Create a 5-15 minute YouTube video or long-form post (blogpost, X / Twitter post, LinkedIn Post, medium post, etc…)
  • Describe your attempts to hack the Zengo Wallet, and/or share what you learn about Zengo’s approach to secure self-custody, and how it’s different from a traditional hardware wallet. Tag @Zengo or link to www.zengo.com, r/ZengoWallet, and Zengo Wallet when relevant.

HOW: Create and share between Jan 9-24.

  • On January 10th, 17th, and 24th, Zengo’s X / Twitter account will invite you to share your content there.
  • Respond to the post with a link to your content to be considered for a prize. Must use hashtag #ZengoWalletChallenge

SMALL PRINT: Up to 3 awards each week. First place $750, Second place $200, and Third place $50 in Bitcoin. Prize will be sent to your Zengo Wallet. Zengo will not pick a winner if no relevant content is shared.

If you have any questions or want to better understand a part of Zengo’s model before publication, email [email protected] – we’re here to help!

Proof of Bitcoin address

Filmed on January 9th.

Proof of Pudgy Penguin – Filmed on January 7th

1st Hint Revealed!