Meet the first
keyless crypto wallet

Say goodbye to worries and hello to peace of mind

Android coming soon.  

What is keyless?

With our breakthrough cryptography, there’s no private key to worry about. Instead, your security is distributed between your device and ZenGo servers. So even if we get hacked or you lose your wallet, your assets are always safe. You get maximum security with complete control.

Sleep well
at night

Keyless backup keeps your assets
safer than a seed phrase ever could.

You’re in

We have no access to your funds.
Only you can move your assets.

We’re here
for you

Ask us anything. We’re always just one tap away.

Everything you need in a crypto wallet

Fast transactions

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Instant notifications

Multiple assets

One tap support

Peace of mind is priceless

Enjoy ZenGo, free for early adopters.