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How to Withdraw Money From Bitrue

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced trader or new to the market, at some point, it will become necessary for you to transfer your digital assets from Bitrue to a much safer, non-custodial solution like Zengo, which offers a wide range of security features.

In this how-to withdraw money from Bitrue guide, you’ll learn how to withdraw funds from Bitrue and move them to your Zengo account. To avoid making mistakes, please follow these steps carefully.

How to Withdraw Money From Bitrue

How to Withdraw Crypto From Bitrue to Zengo

Step-by-step guide

First and foremost, make sure you have your Zengo cryptocurrency wallet ready. Zengo is widely known for its superior safety and security features, which makes it a great choice for storing crypto assets. Download and install it to your device from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. to get started.

After setting up the Zengo app as well as completing the onboarding steps, follow these instructions to withdraw your funds from Bitrue to Zengo:

Step 1

Log in to your Bitrue account. Select “Assets” and then “Withdraw.” It is important to note that you must verify your account before you are able to withdraw funds from it.

Step 2

Select the crypto that you want to withdraw from the list. Make sure you select the correct blockchain network and also double-check that the blockchain network and token are supported by Zengo.

Step 3

Enter your Zengo wallet address and the quantity of crypto you want to withdraw. To locate your Zengo address inside the app, tap the “Actions” icon, then “Receive,” and choose the asset you’d like to receive.

Step 4

Double-check all transaction details, including fees and limits, on the screen.

Step 5

After reviewing the details, click the “Withdraw” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to Check That The Funds Arrived in Your Zengo App?

To confirm the transaction, launch your Zengo app. Following your recent transaction, the main interface should display your updated balance. Alternatively, you can access your transaction history by tapping on the “History” icon to view a list of recent transactions.

Keep Your Crypto Safe and Secure With Zengo

The Zengo wallet is the safest and most efficient solution for storing crypto and NFTs. It allows you to buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in a single platform. In addition, because Zengo is Web3-ready, it allows you to interact with a wide range of Dapps via WalletConnect.

Next-Gen Digital Asset Security

Zengo delivers industry-leading security standards to protect your crypto assets, replacing traditional seed phrases with biometric facial recognition. Using state-of-the-art Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, a Web3 firewall, and an efficient recovery mechanism, Zengo makes sure that your digital assets are protected at all times.

100% Self-Custody & Fiat Onramp Services​

As a non-custodial wallet, Zengo guarantees that you have absolute control over your digital assets. The decision on when and how to access them is completely up to you. Zengo also offers fiat onramp services to make it easy to invest in cryptocurrencies whenever you want, using your favorite fiat currency.

24/7 Real Human Customer Support​

Zengo provides 24/7 customer support to tackle any issues you face or any assistance you may need. Our support team is made up of genuine people, ready to answer any queries you might have. They’re available all year long, and that includes holidays and weekends. You can also visit our online help center for more general information.

How to Withdraw Crypto From Zengo’s Wallet​​

Withdrawing funds from the Zengo wallet is a straightforward process. In order to get started, open up your Zengo app, tap on “Actions,” and then select the “Send” button. Choose the cryptocurrency that you want to withdraw, enter the amount and recipient’s address, and then review the details before confirming the withdrawal. 

Zengo also allows you to withdraw your crypto as fiat currency, including USD, GBP, and EUR. Navigate to the “Actions” menu, tap “Sell,” pick the crypto you want to withdraw and the fiat currency that you would like to receive, and enter the amount. Once you have done this, confirm the transaction. The funds will then be automatically transferred to the bank account linked to your Zengo wallet.

Something's unclear?

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning withdrawing cryptocurrency from Bitrue.

Bitrue is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018 and based in Singapore. It is available on desktops as well as mobile devices. The Bitrue platform allows users to buy and trade over 700 cryptocurrencies. Many advanced trading options are also available, including ETFs and derivatives. The exchange is heavily focused on XRP and is recognized as one of the top platforms for XRP trading. On its official website, the company states that a round-the-clock security team ensures protection at all times. Additionally, Bitrue has its own native BTR token, which has various uses and benefits.

Bitrue and Zengo are both cryptocurrency platforms that cater to the needs of cryptocurrency traders, but they operate on fundamentally different principles. Bitrue is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, which means they control access to users’ funds. Bitrue offers a variety of financial services, ETFs, and derivatives, and it is particularly known for its focus on XRP trading. On the other hand, Zengo is a non-custodial wallet with a focus on user control and security. It leverages Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology, biometrics, and advanced recovery capabilities to provide its users with a high level of security. Unlike Bitrue, Zengo gives users full control over their investments, meaning they hold their own keys. Furthermore, Zengo is a Web3-ready wallet, allowing users to interact with a variety of decentralized applications (Dapps) while maintaining safety through its advanced Web3 firewall feature.

Bitrue has variable withdrawal fees. The fee you have to pay will depend on which kind of crypto you’re withdrawing. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any specific information regarding how long it takes to withdraw crypto from Bitrue to an external wallet. In most cases, in general, it should take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours, depending on the token and network of choice. Moreover, crypto-to-fiat withdrawals can usually be completed within a few days once a withdrawal request is made.

In order to make a withdrawal on Bitrue, you must first verify your account. In addition, there are more general mistakes that you could encounter with Bitrue withdrawals. For example, if you accidentally enter your destination address slightly incorrectly, you may lose your crypto forever. Furthermore, certain tokens can run on multiple chains, making it possible for mistakes to be made when choosing the right network (for example, USDT). Also, since this platform has transaction fees, you need to make sure you have enough funds in your account to cover both the transaction and gas fees for each withdrawal.

As far as we can tell from our research, it seems that Bitrue does support fiat withdrawals. If you are interested in using this option, you may have to go through a few steps. Alternatively, you can move your funds to the secure Zengo wallet and then withdraw your funds to fiat from there when you are ready.

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