[Video] Behind the Scenes with Zengo — Part 2: Engineering

We’re excited to share with you an inside look at Zengo’s unique technology through the eyes of Zengo’s founders. We’ll be bringing continuous insights about Zengo’s software, cryptography, and security from those who know it best. You can check out Part 1: Cryptography here.

This week, we bring you a video interview with Gary Benattar, Head of Engineering at Zengo. Building any kind of software is challenging. Building decentralized technology is even harder. Gary tackles this topic, discussing some of the engineering challenges the team encountered with Zengo’s keyless technology and how they solved them. 

Gary discusses how Zengo built a fast, simple, non-custodial wallet, and eliminated the private key by using multi-party computation and threshold signatures. This was an unprecedented challenge that was both sizeable and exciting. Speed, security, consistent reliability, and simplicity are Zengo’s keywords.

Gary also presents some of Zengo’s unique features and shares a sneak peek of what to expect from our wallet in the future.

We hope you enjoy the video. Reach out to Gary on Twitter, let the Zengo team know what you think of the video, and of course, try out Zengo for yourself.