Behind the Scenes with Zengo — Part 1: Cryptography

We’re excited to share with you an inside look at the Zengo unique technology through the eyes of Zengo’s founders. We’ll be bringing continuous insights about Zengo’s software, cryptography, and security from those who know it best. Check out Part 2: Engineering here.

This week, we bring you a video interview with Omer Shlomovits, Co-Founder at Zengo. Omer spearheaded Zengo’s development of the first keyless wallet and KZen Research, our dedicated effort to develop the science behind threshold signature cryptography. 

Omer discusses how Zengo’s cutting edge cryptography works, how it removed the need for a private key or seed phrase, and how it enables crypto transactions with no single points of failure. Secure, multi-party computation is crucial to the security of crypto users. 

Threshold signatures allow for private, secure, and keyless transactions, all at the tap of a button with Zengo. Because there is no single point of failure, even if the user’s phone or Zengo’s servers are compromised, the user’s funds remain secure. Threshold cryptography is what makes Zengo extremely secure and super simple.

We hope you enjoy the video. Reach out to Omer on Twitter or Kzen Research Telegram group, let the Zengo team know what you think of the video, what videos you want to see next, and of course, try out Zengo for yourself.