Introducing Legacy Transfer

Legacy Transfer is an inheritance-style solution for digital assets inside any Zengo wallet. Legacy Transfer will empower any Zengo user to designate a future recipient for their digital assets in a way that maintains full user control: They can cancel or change their designated recipient at any time, and no private keys or seed phrases are required, rendering the system more secure and less complicated than alternatives. Legacy Transfer is triggered after a pre-determined inactivity period expires.

Legacy Transfer White Paper

The Legacy Transfer White Paper, drafted by the Zengo X Research Team led by Co-Founder and CTO Tal Be’ery, explains how Zengo’s MPC infrastructure and unique server logic can facilitate this type of non-KYC inheritance-style asset transfer and can be downloaded on GitHub.

You are invited to view the White Paper below and share comments at [email protected].


Zengo Pro: A suite of advanced self-custody and security features

Legacy Transfer is a core part of Zengo Pro: A suite of security features unavailable in a traditional hardware wallet. Powered by MPC, Zengo Pro is like account abstraction on steroids. This premium subscription service is packed with a series of industry-firsts, including Asset Theft Protection, an Advanced Web3 Firewall, and Priority 24/7 Support.

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