KZen and Blockchain Research Grants

Ulysses S. Grant – $50

Although KZen Networks just emerged from stealth recently, we were already awarded with two research and development grants from leading blockchain projects, Tezos (read more here) and Zilliqa (read more here).

Our main motivation in applying for such grants was not the money per se (we raised recently). It was much more significant for us to get validation for our vision from the people, organisations, and companies that know the blockchain field best.

In our view, receiving these grants reaffirms our belief that there is a strong need for a new way to generate and manage blockchain private keys and interact easily with different types of blockchains. Additionally, it shows that the need is not limited to well-established and somewhat legacy blockchains, but also applies to innovative blockchains that recently launched (or are about to launch) their networks, such as our grantors.

Working with such great organisations and communities through the scrutiny of the grant application process allowed us to get technical review and feedback on our offering. Using that feedback we were able to hone our offering and improve our solution. 

We view such connections to the community as a key element in developing a relevant and viable product. Therefore, if you are part of the crypto industry: as a blockchain operator, exchange, miner, or developer, we are interested in building a relationship with you. Please get in touch.