Introducing the new Zengo: A redesign rooted in security and innovation

TL;DR: We’re thrilled to announce a new era for Zengo’s brand as we undertake a comprehensive redesign to reflect our core values of self-custody that’s secure by default.

Discover the new Zengo wallet!

Crypto can be a dangerous place. That’s why Zengo was created. Now, we’re taking our security to the next level with a new design that matches our commitment to security. Our new design is sleek, modern, and easy to use. Most importantly, it does a better job surfacing the next-gen security features powering your Zengo wallet.

This is an exciting milestone. From here on out, we’re proud to be recognized by our new look, feel, and security-forward imagery in everything we do. This rebranding doesn’t just signify an evolution in our visual identity, but encapsulates our ongoing commitment to deep security leadership, and our relentless pursuit of innovation in the security and Web3 ecosystem.

The rebranding includes refined colors, an enhanced user experience, and a fresh look and feel, all of which are specifically designed to reflect the superior security and advanced technology we have been pioneering since 2018. The new Zengo will stand as a visual testament to our technological leadership, setting us apart.

But that’s not all. We are delighted to unveil the new Zengo logo!

As Zengo grows, so does our identity. Our new logo reflects the special qualities that make us unique: Robust security, delightful simplicity, unparalleled protection, and a human touch. These qualities have been at the heart of Zengo since our founding in 2018, and our new logo represents our commitment to continuing to innovate and grow. Watch for your smartphone homescreen and our new app icon after the update – coming this week!

And here’s a little teaser:

Our rebranding is the first of a series of breakthrough announcements over the coming weeks – all of which are aligned with our commitment to building the industry-leading self-custodial solution. This rebranding most importantly underlines our commitment to you: It reflects our pledge to continue to deliver the most cutting-edge self-custodial products and features in crypto.

As we move forward, we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of our now nearly 900,000 customers for their ongoing support. You are at the heart of every decision we make and every feature we develop, and we’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us.


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