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How to Withdraw Money From CEX.IO

How to Withdraw Money From CEX.IO

Whether you made substantial profit trading the cryptocurrency markets or just want to be in control of your own digital assets, there comes a time when you just want to withdraw from CEX.IO and store your cryptocurrency holdings in a more safe and secure wallet. To be able to do just this, you will need a reliable and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet to store your digital assets in before eventually selling them for fiat  currencies and ‘’cashing out.’’ 

In this how-to withdraw from CEX.IO guide, we will lead you through the process of withdrawing cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum from the CEX.IO cryptocurrency exchange to your Zengo wallet. Although it can be a daunting process at first glance, nothing could be less true, and if you follow the instructions in this guide, it will be done before you know it.

How to Withdraw Crypto From CEX.IO to Zengo - Step-by-Step Guide

Before you can withdraw crypto from CEX.IO, you have to make sure you’ve set up your Zengo wallet accordingly. Zengo is a next-generation and non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that utilizes the latest MPC technology to ensure your digital assets are stored in the safest way possible. Zengo is more secure and reliable than any hardware wallet because it uses biometric facial recognition software, has 3FA, and has a built-in Web3 firewall. Zengo is also safer than cryptocurrency exchanges as it gives users full control over their private keys.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the Zengo wallet app, you are ready to withdraw crypto from CEX.IO. This is not as difficult as you may think, and all you have to do to withdraw crypto from CEX.IO to Zengo is follow these simple steps:

How to Check That the Crypto Arrived in Your Zengo App?

If you want to double-check whether your crypto has arrived in your Zengo app, simply launch the app, log in with your facial ID, and check the balance on the main page. If you are unsure whether the crypto has been added to your account, tap the ‘’History’’ button to be presented with a detailed overview of your most recent transactions. 

Keep Your Crypto Safe and Secure With Zengo

Zengo is the world’s safest and most secure Web3-ready non-custodial wallet. Furthermore, the user-friendly and intuitively designed app allows you to easily buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies 24/7 from the palm of your hand.

Next-Gen Digital Asset Security

Zengo safeguards your digital assets by using the latest biometric facial recognition 3-factor authentication mechanism, which uses biometric key phrases instead of traditional ones so that only you can have access to your crypto portfolio and restore your wallet in case you ever lose your mobile device. With Zengo, you don’t have to write your mnemonic seed phrases down anymore or print out QR codes. Instead, your face is your seed phrase through the use of the latest MPC technology

100% Self-Custody & Fiat Onramp Services

Zengo’s non-custodial wallet allows users to be in total control of their own private keys, granting access to their digital asset portfolio. Added to this, you can expand your cryptocurrency holdings at any given moment by using Zengo’s integrated fiat onramp services. Simply buy cryptocurrency with fiat currencies and store them directly in your Zengo wallet within seconds.

24/7 Real Human Customer Support

Zengo provides real human customer support around the clock. If you ever face any problems with your wallet or have questions about Zengo’s wallet services, simply initiate a live chat with our customer support team, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

How to Withdraw Crypto From Zengo’s Wallet

With Zengo, it is very easy to send crypto to other wallets or to withdraw it to fiat. To send cryptocurrencies to third-party wallets, launch the Zengo app, log in with your facial ID, tap the ‘’Actions’’ button, select the desired cryptocurrency, and paste the destination address. Confirm the transaction, and the crypto will be sent straight away.

To withdraw crypto to fiat with Zengo, tap the ‘’Actions’’ button, followed by the ‘’Sell’’ button. Once you’ve done this, determine how much cryptocurrency you want to sell and enter the desired amount. Your crypto will then automatically be sold, and you will receive USD, EUR, or GBP in return. Once your wallet account is credited with the fiat currency, you can withdraw it by tapping ‘’Withdraw’’ and following the on-screen instructions to withdraw it to the bank account connected to your Zengo wallet.

FAQs: Additional Information on How to Withdraw Crypto From CEX.IO

You can find more information about cryptocurrency withdrawals from CEX.IO in the frequently asked questions section below.

CEX.IO is a globally operating regulated cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013 that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and store them on their accounts. CEX.IO is owned and operated by a private company (GHash.IO), and users have to sign up for an account and undergo a KYC procedure to be able to participate. CEX facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between buyers and sellers as a market maker and can be seen as a crypto broker. 

The main differences between CEX.IO and Zengo are that CEX.IO is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and that provides custodial wallet services, meaning that users can store their crypto on CEX.IO, but CEX.IO is in control of the private keys. Zengo, on the other hand, is a non-custodial wallet app where users are in total control of their own private keys and the boss of their own digital assets. Another key difference between CEX.IO and Zengo is that although both provide fiat onramp and offramp services, Zengo goes the extra mile and offers a full-fledged Web-3 ready platform and gateway to NFT Marketplaces, Metaverse gaming, and Dapps. 

CEX.IO charges different withdrawal fees based on the withdrawal method chosen. Visa and MasterCard withdrawals are charged between 1,2% and 3% + $1,20 to $3,80, and bank wire transfers 0,3% + $25, Skrill 1% + $3, PayPal 1% +$5, and other payment methods variable fees between 1% and $10. Check out the full CEX.IO fee structure

CEX.IO’s withdrawal limits vary per the withdrawal method chosen. Check out the full overview of withdrawal limits

Cryptocurrency transactions should take place within an hour. Card withdrawal should be instant, and withdrawal requests per bank transfer are processed within 24 hours on business days. After the payment is processed by CEX.IO’s finance team, it may take some time to reach your bank account

The most common problem that can occur when withdrawing crypto from CEX.IO is that the withdrawal stays stuck on ‘’Pending.’’ Most of the time, this is because either the total amount, including fees, is higher than your CEX.IO balance allows or because you entered the wrong blockchain network. Note that you must undergo AML/KYC before being able to withdraw crypto from your CEX.io account.

To withdraw crypto to fiat on CEX.IO, make sure you have connected your bank account or Visa or MasterCard credit/debit card to your CEX.IO account. You can then go to the Finance page and click on the ‘’Withdrawal’’ button next to the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw. After that, you choose the Payment Card method or select the desired bank account and enter the amount you would like to withdraw. Make sure the total amount on your account is enough to include fees. Finally, confirm your withdrawal with the 2-factor authentication code and await the transaction to come through.

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