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How to Withdraw Crypto From BitMart

How to Withdraw Crypto From BitMart

Whether you have made a great profit on your recent cryptocurrency trading or just want to store your digital assets more securely, there comes a time when you want to withdraw crypto from BitMart. To be able to do so, you’ll need a secure and reliable cryptocurrency wallet to store your coins and tokens on before eventually selling them for fiat currencies. 

In this how-to withdraw crypto from BitMart guide, we will steer you through the process of withdrawing digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum from your BitMart account and storing them safely in your Zengo wallet without any obstacles in the way or making any costly mistakes. This way, you can have peace of mind that your cryptocurrencies are safely and securely stored and that you have complete control over their private keys.

How to Withdraw Crypto From BitMart to Zengo - Step-by-Step Guide

Before withdrawing crypto from BitMart, you should set up your non-custodial Zengo wallet first. Zengo is a next-generation cryptocurrency wallet that uses the latest MPC technology so that only you can restore access to your digital assets if you ever lose your phone or uninstall the wallet app. This technology uses 3FA facial recognition software instead of mnemonic phrases and is, therefore, more secure than any hardware wallet and safer than centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, it is equipped with a Web3 firewall and fiat onramp service.

After downloading and installing the Zengo cryptocurrency wallet app, you can start moving your assets. This is an easy and straightforward process where little can go wrong. To withdraw crypto from BitMart to Zengo, follow these steps:

How to Check That the Crypto Arrived in Your Zengo App?

If you want to double-check whether your crypto has arrived in your Zengo app, open the app, log in with your facial ID, and check the balance on the main page of the app. If you want to view a detailed overview of your most recent transactions, tap the ‘’History’’ button at the bottom of the main menu.

Keep Your Crypto Safe and Secure With Zengo

Zengo is the world’s safest and most reliable Web3-ready non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet. It uses biometric key phrases so only you can access your private keys. On top of this, the app is equipped with a modernly designed user interface to allow for easy buying, selling, and swapping of cryptocurrencies from the palm of your hand. 

Next-Gen Digital Asset Security

Zengo safeguards your digital assets with the latest biometric facial recognition 3-factor authentication software. Forget about writing down your mnemonic key phrases and printing out physical QR codes. Make use of revolutionary MPC technology instead, and rest assured, knowing that your digital assets are stored safely and securely. 

100% Self-Custody & Fiat Onramp Services

The non-custodial Zengo cryptocurrency wallet app allows users to be in complete control of their own private keys. Additionally, Zengo allows you to expand your crypto portfolio whenever you want by using Zengo’s integrated fiat onramp services. Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and other digital assets with fiat currencies such as Euros, Dollars, and British Pounds, and store them safely in your Zengo wallet.

24/7 Real Human Customer Support

At Zengo, the customer is king, and for this reason, we have real human customer support available 24/7, even during the weekends and holidays. If you ever have questions regarding our services or your Zengo wallet, simply contact us by live chat. We will be more than happy to assist you right away. 

How to Withdraw Crypto From Zengo’s Wallet

With Zengo, it is easy to send crypto or withdraw it to other cryptocurrency wallets. Additionally, it is also very easy to cash out crypto to fiat with Zengo. To send crypto to third-party crypto wallets, open the Zengo app, hit the ‘’Actions’’ button on the main menu, then tap on “Send,” select the cryptocurrency of choice, and paste the receiving address. Now confirm the transaction, and the crypto will be sent straight away.

If you want to withdraw crypto to fiat with Zengo, tap the ‘’Actions’’ tab located at the bottom of the main menu of the app. Once you’ve done that, hit the ‘’Sell’’ button and specify which cryptocurrency you want to sell and the desired amount. Your crypto will then automatically be sold, and you will receive fiat such as EUR, USD, or GBP in return. Once the fiat currency has been added to your Zengo account, tap the ‘’Withdraw’’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to withdraw it to the bank account connected to your Zengo wallet app.

FAQs: Additional Information on How to Withdraw Crypto From BitMart

You can find more information about crypto withdrawals from BitMart in the frequently asked questions section below.

BitMart is a globally operating cryptocurrency exchange where users from over 180 countries can buy and sell over 1,000 different digital assets and tokens. It was founded in 2017, and its team members come from Amazon, Accenture, Tencent, Alibaba, and other top-tier tech firms. 

The main difference between BitMart and Zengo is that BitMart is in control of the private keys that grant access to users’ funds, whereas, with the non-custodial Zengo wallet app, you have control over your private keys through 3FA biometric facial recognition software. Another key difference is that Zengo is a full-fledged Web3-ready platform, giving users access to NFTs, Web3, and Dapps.

The fees BitMart charges to withdraw funds are based on a per-crypto basis and can be found here. Holders of BMX tokens, the exchange’s native token, enjoy a 25% withdrawal fee discount. 

According to external sources, BitMart’s withdrawal limit is $20,000 for verified accounts and 0 BTC or dollars for unverified accounts. This means that BitMart requires verification in order to process any withdrawals.

Different cryptocurrencies have their own processing time at BitMart, and they usually vary from 5 seconds to 60 minutes.

One of the most common problems that can occur when withdrawing crypto from BitMart is that your cryptocurrency transaction is delayed or canceled by BitMart. BitMart does this when it suspects that customers didn’t authorize the transaction. If this happens to you, you should contact BitMart’s support. 

Other causes may be too low gas fee settings or busy blockchain networks. It could also be the case that you haven’t fully verified your BitMart account yet. Be sure to undergo the KYC procedure if you wish to withdraw crypto from BitMart.

To withdraw Bitcoin to fiat on BitMart, you have to sell it for USDT first, and only then will you be able to withdraw your USDT to your bank account as fiat. Furthermore, if you wish to withdraw altcoins, you will first have to swap them for BTC and only then “sell” it for USDT. 

To make it simple: Swap the altcoin to BTC, and then to USDT, and then withdraw to your bank account.

You do this by logging into your account, followed by clicking ‘’Sell’’ behind the desired cryptocurrency you want to sell, and then swapping the BTC received for USDT. 

When you have USDT, you can sell it to one of BitMart-s third-party partners for the desired fiat currency. Once you have the desired fiat currency in your BitMart account, you can withdraw it to the bank account connected to your BitMart account if you have fully verified your BitMart account and passed the KYC procedure. (Because BitMart does not permit withdrawals without verification)

Alternatively, you can withdraw your crypto from BitMart to Zengo and then sell it at a later time for fiat via Zengo’s fiat offramp services.

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