Welcoming our new advisor: Balaji Srinivasan

Zengo has been growing tremendously lately. Many players in the industry have experienced a solid boost. More and more investors are attracted to the new and lucrative opportunities offered by the digital asset economy. The industry is undoubtedly maturing and there are more accelerating factors like the Coronavirus crisis

This growing interest has put companies like us under the spotlights lately. 

Zengo’s mission is to become the interface that will make it easy and safe to invest in crypto, no matter where you are and which assets you want to own and trade. Our team and customer base have been steadily growing and we are now actively servicing over 180 countries. 

Today we are excited to announce that Balaji Srinivasan has joined our team as an advisor. Unless you live in a parallel world, Balaji is one of the most respected and well-known voices and actors of the crypto industry and of the tech space in general. He’s a true 360 thinker with a remarkable track record as a startup investor and operator. His bio speaks for itself. He was a partner at the prestigious VC firm a16z and former CTO at Coinbase among other things. Balaji has also been one of the most insightful and vocal people on the matter of the Coronavirus and predicted very early many things that turned out to be (sadly) true. 

We have been interacting with him for the past months, since his visit to Israel last year and after he became a regular user and a genuine ambassador of our service. I still have vivid memories of our first phone call where every single of his questions and thoughts were as sharp as Japanese katana. Since then we made a priority to convince him to spend more time with us. And he accepted.

We love Balaji’s product insights, his way of thinking, and his ability to anticipate industry trends that impact significantly the way millions of people think and live.

We are humbled and honored to have him and help us with his insights, his time and industry experience. We know the road to success is still very long. But today we’re switching gear to make that happen faster.

Welcome aboard Balaji!