Welcome to the new Zengo

tl;dr: we are introducing today a major redesign to Zengo focused on more clarity, simplicity, and delight.

From the very first day we launched Zengo, we’ve strived to bring you new features, services, and a delightful user experience. As we grew, we went from a simple send/receive crypto wallet to state-of-the-art technology to keep and invest your funds safe right from your phone.  

But for us, it wasn’t enough. 

We believe that simplicity should be the standard in crypto. So we pushed the limits even further and brought a new makeover to our wallet that’s clearer, simpler, and more delightful than ever, 

Welcome to the new Zengo. 

The New Zengo

Not long ago we announced our $20M Series A. This was a major milestone for Zengo, which gives us the resources to keep building the best wallet in the industry. We dream big. We want you to have the best crypto journey while staying faithful to our core values of simplicity and peace of mind.

Your balance in a glance

You can see all of your spot and savings balances in one convenient location on our new Home tab.

We recommend looking at your balance denominated in crypto so that you can watch your assets grow. You can always tap on the value to switch between fiat and crypto values. 

Your actions in a tap

We remember when our first customers could only send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum. Those were elementary actions.

Since then, we’ve come a long way and Zengo has many more actions available cluttered in different places which is a common practice in wallets. We simplified that and now actions have a tab of their own. Our new ‘Actions’ tab, accessible in 1 tap from anywhere, makes it easy to buy, sell, send, receive, earn, and trade all in one place.  

Your wallet address in a snap

Your wallet address is now even easier to find with the receive with Actions. Simply tap receive, choose your asset, and boom – you have everything you need to receive funds. Alternatively, tap on an asset, tap ‘Receive’, and all the info you need is right at the top of your screen. 

Share your wallet address with friends, receive payments, or deposit from your other crypto services to store your crypto safely with Zengo.

Your transaction history

With the new History tab, you can easily check all of your historical transactions, and closely monitor the flow of your funds including the market price when the transaction took place.

Your account 

The new Account tab helps you monitor your security, discover promotions, personalize your experience, and share your feedback on Zengo.

More than meets the eye

We also worked hard behind the scenes. Our technical (Zen) masters worked hard to boost performance and deliver a super smooth experience for you.

You’ll be able to spot the difference.

This is just the beginning

When we look at how far we’ve come from our very first version, we are excited to say that it’s just the beginning.

Zengo’s first version (left) vs. the new version (right)

Along with the overhaul in the app, you may notice our new logo. We believe that it represents the journey that we’ve covered with you, and hints to where we are headed: bolder, simpler, and better.

We will keep creating, improving, expanding our services, and simplify crypto even more.

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know your pain points and requests, or just stop by to say hi. You can reach us at [email protected], or shoot us a message in the app.