The Future of Web3: Zengo Adopts WalletConnect v2.0 to Step Up Your User Experience

TL;DR: Zengo is the 1st MPC wallet to launch connectivity for WalletConnect v2.0, making it even easier, simpler, and more secure to engage with the entire ecosystem of Ethereum and Polygon Web3 Dapps!

Here’s what you need to know.

Did you know you can use Zengo to securely connect directly to thousands of Web3 Dapps throughout the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystem? With our partner WalletConnect, it’s easy to do so quickly and reliably. 

And unlike browser extensions, your Zengo wallet’s built-in Web3 firewall and MPC security ensure it’s MUCH harder to get scammed than when you connect with a browser extension wallet.

What’s WalletConnect and how do I use it?

WalletConnect is a protocol that enables wallets and Dapps to connect with end-to-end encryption and secure transaction signing. Zengo users can interact with it directly through the app by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom center of your phone, followed by “Connect.” 

From there you can scan a QR code or click on a link, which will lead you to a message to verify the connection. Voila, now you’re connected to the Dapp of your choice and can explore DeFi protocols directly from your wallet. Connecting through your Zengo wallet ensures you’re interacting with DeFi tools securely.

This is where WalletConnect v2.0 comes in.

Recently launched, v2.0 offers several improvements for users.

  • First: It offers simultaneous multi-chain support, so that you don’t have to alternate between chains. Users can now send transactions to multiple chains more smoothly.
    Second: You’ll only have to pair once for multiple sessions. As a user, you might not have to sign a new message every time you connect to a Dapp.
    Third: In an effort to decrease latency, the WalletConnect team has expanded data center coverage globally so that users can experience connecting near-instantaneously. 

As highlighted by Pedro Gomes, founder and CEO of WalletConnect, “For Web3 adoption to move forward, we need to improve the user experience – and that’s what WalletConnect v2.0 does. Connecting with apps becomes near-instantaneous, while wallets and apps can now design smoother multi-chain experiences. The migration towards WalletConnect v2.0 has been a massive community effort, and we’re thankful for the support of partners like Zengo along the way.”

Zengo is proud to work with Web3 partners to make interactions with DeFi simple and secure for all users.

Web3 Dapps compatible with WalletConnect v2.0

Lots of Dapps you know and love are already using v2.0 – check them out!


Q: What is WalletConnect?
A: WalletConnect is a communications protocol for Web3, that enables wallets like Zengo to securely connect and interact with decentralized applications. 

Q: Why the migration to v2.0
A: As a Zengo user, you’ve already had access to WalletConnect v1.0, but this will make your experience faster, with less friction, and more secure. 

Q: But my favorite Dapp is still using walletconnect v1.0?
A: No worries! We will continue to support WalletConnect v1.0 until it is shut down by WalletConnect.

Q: Do you need to take any action?
A: Nope, the migration will take place automatically. You can sit back, relax, and keep on exploring Web3 through Zengo.