Update: a successful Zengo challenge…for us!


30 days and tens of motivated and dedicated hackers later, our bitcoin is still safe and sound in its Zengo wallet. 

The Zengo Challenge is officially over and we want to thank everyone who tested our keyless security. We never really thought that anyone would successfully steal the Bitcoin, but it is a good reminder that our system is as safe as we hoped. You should sleep even easier now knowing that Zengo has your funds well protected.

1 BTC – unmoved and right where we put it

The good news is also a bad news..for you. 

If you were hoping to be 1 BTC richer, we’re very sorry to disappoint. But we are extremely happy with the results of this challenge. This challenge demonstrated that even if someone were to obtain your email address and your iCloud account, they still would not be able to hack your wallet. Attackers would need access to your email, iCloud, and your real life biometrics before they could steal your funds. We even provided a high-resolution image of Our CEO’s face. Because our biometric system, powered by ZOom, and implemented specifically for Zengo, tests for liveness, this still didn’t help anyone claim the BTC. Our wallet is even secure against attacks from videos, 3D masks, and even twins! 

With Zengo, there is no single point of failure and you can always restore your wallet on a new device, all without the hassle of a private key. Nothing to write, remember, or lose. Only *you* can access your funds. You and no one else. 

Since the beginning of the challenge, we also added support for Binance Coin (BNB). Now you can safely store ETH, BTC, and BNB. Libra is coming very soon 🙂 We’re proud to be bringing peace of mind to crypto hodlers.