The Zengo Challenge: Win 1 BTC and prove us wrong


The Zengo Challenge is officially over and no one succeeded in claiming the 1 BTC. We never really thought that anyone would successfully steal the Bitcoin, but it is a good reminder that our system is as safe as we hoped.

Original Post

We’re all about putting our money where our mouth is. We’ve designed Zengo to be super convenient and super secure against attacks or errors of all forms and we have completed two security audits to prove it (1 and 2). Since we launched, we’ve received many questions about our innovative security model. “Where’s the private key?” and “What happens if someone gets my email or a photo of my face?” are just a few of the questions we’ve received. We’ve written lots about these questions in our blog posts.

Since we feel pretty confident in Zengo’s security, we figured we’d show you just how secure it is. And to prove it we’ve put 1 BTC in a wallet just waiting for you. All you need to do is break into the wallet and take it. If you can, the bitcoin is yours. Bitcoin just broke $11,000, so get to work 🙂

To make things even easier for you (and harder for us), we are providing you some of the elements you’ll need to gain access.

Every Zengo account is associated with an email and an iCloud account. We’re sharing both the email account associated with the wallet and the iCloud email.

The email is a public, password-free email: [email protected]. Anyone can access the email here.

The email associated with the iCloud account is:
[email protected]

The TX ID proving that 1 BTC was deposited: 70756a2c72e5afef5a2bb65158b271ee3059e42010248fe84669f33780f6db5b

Every Zengo account is accessible only to the owner via a 3D face map. So to help you a little more, we are providing you with a high-resolution picture of our CEO, whose face is associated with the account (see the video below).

We created the (unedited) video below to prove that the wallet actually contains one bitcoin including the same transaction ID, email address, and iCloud account stated above. Since Zengo is non-custodial, any movement of the funds can be verified by anyone. We also walked through a few of the ways you might try to gain access.

So this is very simple:

  1. Download Zengo on your iPhone
  2. Sign in with the email above
  3. Try to get the funds 🙂

If you do manage to get the bitcoin (and we certainly hope you won’t…) message us at [email protected] to tell us how you did it. Even if you don’t succeed, let us know how the challenge is going for you! We might reward you something for your efforts 🙂

We’ll be running the Zengo Challenge for 30 days from today.

?Good luck! ?