Junior Research Scientist

Cryptography is one of the fundamental sciences used to drive blockchain technology and it is at the core of what we build at ZenGo. We are committed to develop, implement, and support new applications that rely on advanced cryptography. We are seeking an applied cryptographer to join our research team (http://zengo.com/research/) for a full-time position. 

Location: KZen Networks HQ,  Tel Aviv. 

Language: English


  • You will work hands-on on open source projects implementing cutting edge cryptography
  • You will be engaged with some of the hardest problems in the blockchain space related to custody and management of keys but also to scalability and privacy
  • You will be expected to come up with efficient, elegant, and innovative solutions. 
  • You will collaborate with the best researchers in the field, from both academia and industry 
  • You will provide guidance and work together with ZenGo R&D teams on matters related to cryptography.  


  • Academic experience: 
    • MSc/PhD in STEM with applied cryptography orientation (participation in at least 2 classes related to cryptography)
    • Bonus: published a paper in top tier cryptography conference 
    • Bonus: distributed systems background
  • Industry experience: 
    • Significant involvement in at least 2 projects that required the use of novel cryptography, ideally FHE and/or ZK and/or MPC related
    • Bonus: open source contribution 
  • Programming experience : 
    • proficiency in one or more of the following: Rust, Go, C++ 
    • Bonus: formal verification language (i.e. TLA+)
  • General: the ideal candidate will have a passion for learning how things work. He/She will have a deep understanding of math and in the foundations of cryptography. A hacker that got extensive multidisciplinary academic exposure. No fear of challenges. “Nothing is impossible” attitude

To apply to this position or to get further details, send an email to Omer Shlomovits via omer@zengo.com.

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