[Podcast] Zengo on Keyword: Crypto Podcast – “Is this too good to be true?”

A podcast is one of the best ways to learn, in particular in the field of cryptocurrency. Ouriel Ohayon, Co-Founder and CEO of Zengo, was recently invited on the Keyword: Crypto Podcast, a new podcast that has recently hosted prestigious guests like Vitalik Buterin and Peter McCormack/

Ouriel discusses the origins of Zengo, the first keyless crypto wallet, how the technology works, some of the current issues with the cryptocurrency space, as well as Zengo’s recent support of Facebook’s Libra currency.  

The discussion is both fun and deep and tackles every fundamental aspect of what we are building here at Zengo. Both hosts asked solid and challenging questions. Some of the questions presented were:

  • What happens to users’ crypto in the case of sudden death and how can we ensure their crypto is included in their inheritance?
  • How secure are biometrics in protecting cryptocurrency?
  • What are some of the biggest problems in the way people store crypto today? 
  • What kind of features are necessary for user-friendly crypto wallets? 

They were naturally surprised and intrigued by Zengo’s new approach.

Zengo is bringing fresh blood into crypto management. Unlike classic wallets, Zengo is a paradigm shift: keyless, simple, user-friendly, and finally providing crypto hodlers with peace-of-mind. And to answer Michael’s question: Nope, Zengo is not too good to be true. We’re real and you can download Zengo today

Listen to the podcast below or click here to stream the audio or download the podcast.

We hope you enjoy the podcast. Reach out to Ouriel on Twitter or Kzen Research Telegram group, let the Zengo team know what you think of the video, what videos you want to see next, and of course, try out Zengo for yourself.