The Smurfs are coming to Web3 with Zengo!

Tl;dr: The Smurfs – one of the world’s most iconic brands – are coming to Web3, with Zengo as their preferred wallet. The Smurfs’ Society will introduce longtime fans to their first blockchain gaming experience, and Zengo will be making that process safe and simple by ensuring smooth, bulletproof onboarding – whether new to Web3 or crypto-native!

Zengo users will gain early access in January. Download Zengo and follow Zengo on Twitter to stay up to date!

Why Zengo? The Smurfs and Web3 Gaming 

Blockchain gaming promises an entirely new world of ownership, control, and empowerment. By collecting, buying, selling and creating NFTs, every gamer can unlock a deeper level of value than ever before. But despite all of Web3’s promises for self-custody and user-centered control, there are many vulnerabilities inherent to the ecosystem. In 2022, over $3 billion worth of cryptoassets were hacked or stolen in Web3 transactions, and most crypto wallets do a poor job helping users protect their assets.

That’s why the Smurfs’ Society team selected Zengo as their preferred wallet:

“We’re delighted to partner with Zengo as the only self-custodial wallet powered by MPC instead of private keys. Given Zengo’s security features, including no seed phrase vulnerability and a built-in Web3 Firewall, Zengo was the obvious choice to protect our community against scam transactions. This set Zengo far apart from other wallets, making Zengo the best partner for the Smurfs’ first foray into Web3”

– The Smurfs’ Society Team

The Smurfs’ Society: A Gaming Game-Changer

While many blockchain games have surged to popularity since 2021, the Smurfs is one of the first traditional brands to dive into Web3 with their own game. By creating a game that already has an enthusiastic audience, the Smurfs are paving the way for other brands to connect with fans through true ownership. By incorporating NFTs into the game, the Smurfs lets all players get a piece of the community. 

Smurfs players will enjoy completing quests, mixing potions, and liberating the Smurfs from evil without the usual confusing process involved in onboarding to a Web3 game. Zengo customers will even be able to claim a special, free NFT through their wallets, receive game asset NFT airdrops, view and manage them in their NFT gallery, and enjoy saving the Smurfs from Gargamel.

And if a player wants to sell their NFTs or trade potions, doing so with a Zengo wallet could not be more simple. This aligns with one of the fundamental principles not only of blockchain gaming but of Web3 in general – decentralization and ownership. The community, and not just the brands, become the owners of the content they enjoy.

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