KZen awarded the IIA grant

2019 started well for KZen. 

While we are finalizing our product, we are happy to announce that the IIA (Israel Innovation Authority – formerly known as “the Office of the Chief Scientist” which is part of the Ministry of Economy) has awarded a research and development grant to KZen for our work on secure crypto wallet (which we will present soon in Stanford). This is a very prestigious and significant award for a young pre-launch company and a testament to the efforts of our team to build something truly innovative. 

We are focused on solving one problem: bringing both security and simplicity to crypto wallets. We may be a decade into crypto but owning and managing crypto assets is still a major pain point, even for people heavily involved in the crypto industry. We are building a new solution based on the highest security standards and academic research in the field of multi-party computation.

We believe we will bring a solution that moves the needle. We are trying an approach that has never been tried before (and for good reason). Maybe 2019 will be the year when UX becomes a dominant theme in crypto projects. But good UX can’t happen without a change in paradigm.

We are very proud to have received this grant which will substantially help our efforts. We could not be more excited about this.

More great news coming soon!