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After 9 months, we at KZen are very excited to announce the birth of Zengo: a new kind of crypto wallet.

Driven by our proprietary KEYLESS WALLET ™ technology, Zengo is the first ever keyless crypto wallet and is the culmination of nearly two years of hard work and research, dedicated to the goal of creating a service that doesn’t force users to compromise.

Zengo uses open source threshold cryptography to replace the private key and all the troubles related to securely managing non-custodial wallets. Our solution eliminates the typical friction points of onboarding and backup and does so without the existence of a single point of failure. Zengo is easy to backup, simple to recover, and guarantees that only the customer has control of their funds. This may sound impossible, but we made it happen.

We know how hard it is to create the perfect crypto wallet (read more here and here). We believe that the best approach is to return to the basics of what a wallet should be and improve that foundation. With that foundation, we can then tackle the challenge of what a wallet “could” be.

KZen Network is officially launching a new website for Zengo, our new brand. Zengo is deceptively simple in appearance. Because the approach is so new, we know it will raise many questions and we have included on the site, all the explanations and answers to question you may have. Since, no words can really capture the magic of the experience we crafted, the best way to get it is to try it.

We are launching in private beta for iOS (Android will be coming very soon) and we can’t wait to share our innovation with other passionate cryptocurrency hodlers.

Our very first beta testers are incredibly excited about the genuine simplicity, speed and security of Zengo.

If you are interested in being one of the first to test this new wallet, please tweet at us or contact us through our website.

We will be presenting Zengo this week at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit and are excited to announce several surprises.

You can read more about Zengo on TechCrunch, The Block, and CoinTelegraph.

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