Introducing the Zen Crypto Show: the podcast to learn crypto simply

Tl;dr: We are introducing The Zen Crypto show, a new podcast for crypto beginners:  weekly, short, simple, and educational podcast episodes to explain in plain language the basics of crypto. Read more about why we did this and what you can expect.


When I first discovered crypto it was through a set of podcasts that were pivotal to my life and career after years of confusion and misinformation. They felt overwhelming as a beginner but this was the only way.  Further on, the majority of what I learned early on was essentially through podcasts. Through the years I met so many people who went through the same path.

Podcasts are one of the best formats for self-education, in particular in crypto. They feel direct, true to their time, and are within reach when you need them. 

Zengo is committed to making crypto accessible and easy to use for everyone. It is part of our core mission, to ensure every single one of our customers and partners has the keys to understanding this new world. And this is how Zengo’s podcast came to live.

But why another podcast?

There are a lot of great crypto podcasts out there. But they all assume you already know the basics of crypto and money. We felt there was a space to address people who know nothing, who do not understand the tech jargon, who are not comfortable with the language of money because they never had to really think of it or learn about it. 

Crypto is intimidating to beginners – it’s easy to forget that once you already crossed the line.  We want to change that.

The Zengo crypto show is a podcast produced by Zengo aimed exclusively at simplifying  the key concepts of crypto and introducing the basics through simple examples and explanations 

The format is purposefully lightweight: each episode is only 10 minutes long and addresses one elementary concept. The podcast itself can be consumed in any order. We worked really hard to make sure we avoid any insider language or vocabulary while still providing access to the new things you need to know.

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Who is this podcast for?

This podcast is primarily made for absolute beginners but not just.

We created a podcast we would be comfortable sharing with our friends and family. Disclaimer: we also created it for ourselves: for our new team members, new partners, new vendors, new investors, and more importantly for our new customers, who have so many questions when they start their crypto journey. 

By the way, it may also be helpful to you, dear advanced crypto users. How many times have you been asked about crypto and found yourself knowing too much to find the right, easy answer? It is hard to explain things simply. This podcast may be of help to you too.

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What’s in it for you?

Each week we will release a new episode that will help you learn something new. One step at a time.

This podcast is not a shill vehicle for Zengo or any particular coins or projects, although we may from time to time highlight some of them. It is neither a breaking news-based podcast – enough podcasts out there that do that really well. 

Oh, there are no ads. 100% pure content. 

This podcast is exclusively about educating on the elementary concepts of crypto: What bitcoin is, how crypto transactions work, how to purchase assets, how to sell them, how security works, and so on.

We worked with the talented Sebastien Couture (who produced the great podcast Epicenter) to craft this series of episodes and guarantee it has the crisp and professional signature

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You can already listen to the trailer and subscribe to the podcast for future episodes.  The first pod “What bitcoin is” will be released in a few days. And then every other week.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed producing it. 

The Zengo crypto show is available on your favorite podcast platform (Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Youtube..) and can be found here.

Disclosure: This podcast is not financial advice