Introducing Tezos Staking: Earn Rewards in One Tap

We’re happy to announce that Tezos staking is live on Zengo! In one tap you can start collecting rewards on your hard-earned tezzies, similar to earning interest in a savings account. There is no simpler and safer way to get started with Tezos staking.

First get some Tezos by sending to your Zengo address or purchasing with a credit card or Apple Pay right in the app. Then tap to activate your rewards, sit back and watch your portfolio grow. 

After the initial ~33 day waiting period required by the Tezos blockchain, you’ll start receiving reward payments every ~3 days. The APR (currently 6%) is variable so check back regularly to see how much you’ve earned. You’ll also get a notification every time you receive a reward. 

Reward payments are automatically added to your balance which means you benefit from compound earnings over time. 

Another benefit is that your funds always remain liquid and never leave the safety of your keyless Zengo wallet.

We’ve chosen Figment Networks as our initial baking partner, and in the future we plan to allow our customers to choose from several different options. 

Read this article for a more detailed explanation of how Tezos rewards work in Zengo.

This is a first step in the direction of providing our customers with a simple and safe way to earn crypto. 

Much more to come!

Tezos rewards are available today on iOS and Android.