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TL;DR: Zengo is simple and secure and we made four “How To” videos to show you exactly we mean.

We built Zengo with one question in mind: how do we create a crypto wallet that allows users to manage their crypto in a safe, yet stress-free way? Other solutions like exchanges might be simple and convenient, but they do so by acting as custodians. Users must trust these custodians with their funds. Since Zengo is keyless and non-custodial, for the first time ever, users can manage their crypto safely without any need for a private key or seed phrase.

How’d we do this? By focusing on Zengo’s four core features any wallet should provide:

  1. Sending crypto
  2. Receiving crypto
  3. Backing up your wallet
  4. Restoring your wallet

We created the following videos to show you just how easily you can Zengo.

Because Zengo is more than just a wallet: it’s the safest and simplest way of managing your crypto. Period.

Sending & Receiving Crypto

You need to be able to send and receive crypto in seconds. With Zengo, you can. Now you can spend more time hodling, or you know, teaching your family about Bitcoin.

1. Sending:

2. Receiving:

Backing Up & Restoring

You’ve got enough on your mind to worry about your crypto. With Zengo, even if you lose your phone you can restore your wallet on any new iOS device. Oh, and what if something happens to Zengo, the company? – we thought of that too.

3. Backing Up:

4. Restoring:

So if you really want to get peace of mind, get Zengo and see why it’s simply secure.