Happy new year Z019!

2019 will be Zen. Well, this is more what we hope it will be. ????????

Any startup involved with crypto and blockchain projects needs some momentum after the brutal roller coaster the industry went through last year. It may or not happen. No one knows. What the industry needs more than anything is some stability and serenity so the builders can build and ship the products and services that have been promised for over a decade.

KZen will be one of the companies shipping something new, something really unique and truly exciting for the industry. 2019 will be a back to basics year for us, shipping a crisp product that has meaning and is a delight to use. In the field of crypto wallets where so much remains to be done, we feel it is our mission to make this happen. 

Soon enough, under our brand new name, we will invite the first users to try our new revolutionary mobile crypto wallet, simple at every single level, with unparalleled security and ease of use: the first ever user controlled keyless wallet. Adios troubles! And we can’t wait to see your first reactions.

2018 has been good to us. We have managed to accumulate an important number of achievements without even launching anything yet (and more to be announced soon). 

KZen is now a team of 10 full-time employees, backed some of the best investors. We have secured major research and development grants from top crypto projects, but also from the Israel Innovation Authority (Ministry of Economy). Our open source research in the field of advanced cryptography does not go unnoticed. KZen was mentioned in major articles and conferences, invited to speak at the Stanford Blockchain Conference, and present at the workshop of the Financial Cryptography 2019 conference. There is even more great news we will disclose soon. 

We hope 2019 will be the year where products will shine by their UX (our op-ed on Coindesk), and we will try to best to build and ship something great in the context of a bear market. 

Get ready… we nearly are, too!

In the name of the whole KZen team, we wish you a great Z019 Zen 2019.