Wen mobile? Zengo awarded a research grant from the Solana Foundation

We are so excited to announce a new research grant from the Solana Foundation and future support for the Solana blockchain!

This will increase Solana’s reach to a wider range of users around the world, from crypto-enthusiasts to new adopters, and make Zengo the first keyless crypto wallet to support Solana with a mobile-first focus.

Wen mobile? Soon!

As a multichain crypto wallet, we already support in-app storage, savings, and trading between dozens of blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, BNB, and Terra. We are looking forward to including the Solana community as well.

“At Zengo, we believe the future is multichain, and we’re delighted to bring our magic to support the Solana blockchain and its growing dynamic ecosystem of products and services.”
– Zengo CEO Ouriel Ohayon

Unlike standard non-custodial crypto wallets, our breakthrough Multi-party Computation (MPC) technology replaces the traditional and notorious crypto private key with two independently created mathematical secret shares, while remaining on-chain and user-controlled. Unlike crypto exchanges, Zengo cannot access user funds, and unlike traditional self-custodial wallets, Zengo supports user account backup and restoration using facial biometrics. This novel approach allows us to safely and seamlessly put full ownership and control of digital assets where they belong – in the hands of users. It’s magic – and a lot of advanced cryptography.

We are excited to launch support for Solana in the beginning of 2022. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates. Stay tuned!