The best Devs are coming to Web3

Tl;dr: There are so many amazing projects to work on and interesting problems to solve in Web3, which is why it continues to bring in the best people! We hosted many skilled developers and had a great time talking about WalletConnect & Web3 Security 🙂

Dev Connect – Tel Aviv

We love finding fun ways to engage with our local community and helping them learn more about Blockchain & Web3! Our Dev-Meetup this week was aimed at doing both. The world of Web3 has always been great at attracting the best and brightest minds to solve new and exciting challenges, and this fun event in our Tel-Aviv office was no exception!

Our meetup was aimed at teaching people some basics about the crypto world. We had so many awesome developers from the Tel-Aviv area join us, and we’re so happy we got to meet them all!

WalletConnect Basics: The Secure Portal to Web3

We discussed WalletConnect: The amazing system that allows many different Web3 wallets to connect with Dapps if the Dapp doesn’t have a direct integration with that specific wallet. We talked about what it can do for users and how it grants access to countless Dapps. We also talked about why it is important for us at Zengo!

Web3 Security: New Challenges & Opportunities

We went through the history of security in Web3: How blockchains are designed and the problems they help solve. The benefits, drawbacks, and attack vectors – from a programming lens.

We are so happy that we had the opportunity to host and spend time with all of these wonderful people. We can’t wait for our next event!

If you were at the event and you have any comments about how we could make our next one better, send an email to [email protected] with the subject: “Web3 for Developers” Event comments