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Augur Wallet


Augur (REP) is an ERC-20 token that runs on Ethereum and is used on prediction markets. Prediction markets are platforms where anyone can make a market for anything by betting on outcomes of real-world events. With Augur, there are no limitations to what can be wagered upon with a permissionless, decentralized exchange that is completely transparent!

Zengo makes crypto easy for anyone, no matter if you are a veteran trader or new to crypto. Buying, trading, and holding REP tokens with Zengo’s keyless and non-custodial wallet is safe and simple. Zengo is the perfect option for everyone to access crypto.

What Can You Do With an Augur (REP) Wallet?

Zengo has the most powerful features to manage your REP. Enjoy easy access to your assets, trading, recovery of assets, and sophisticated security to protect from hackers. And that’s just the basics; there is so much more with Zengo! 

Here’s what you get with a Zengo REP keyless wallet:

View Your Augur (REP) Portfolio

Zengo knows you’re busy, so we built an app to make crypto easy. You can trust your Zengo wallet to provide essential data on your tokens wherever you are. Track your assets with ease, find the best trades, and stay connected with Zengo.

Send and Receive Augur (REP)

Zengo, lets you send and receive REP with only a few swipes. It’s simple, just share your wallet address with whoever is sending you REP tokens. Once the coins are in your wallet, Zengo will let you know with a notification!

Buy Augur (REP) on Zengo

Buying REP tokens has never been easier, thanks to Zengo. All you have to do is swipe REP and complete the prompts to buy what you need. Zengo provides many payment options to make crypto available to everyone.

Fiat to Augur (REP) Gateway

You don’t have to sacrifice your current investments for new tokens. The Zengo wallet allows you to purchase REP tokens using fiat currency. Use Euros, US Dollars, or the Pound sterling to purchase cryptocurrencies safely through the Zengo app.

Buy Augur (REP) With Credit Card or Wire Transfer

In the Zengo keyless wallet, buying REP or other tokens can happen through multiple payment methods. Zengo works with Mastercard and VISA, SWIFT network, payment apps, SEPA, and Bank Transfer (but within the EU or UK, minimum amounts apply).

Holding and Storing Augur (REP)

If you need to hold REP tokens for a long period, Zengo is an excellent choice. Our easy recovery methods and cutting-edge security protocols make sure you always can access your assets even if you lose, break, or get a new phone.

Trade or Exchange Gnosis Augur (REP) for BTC, SHIB, DOGE, ETH, and Other Coins and Tokens

Trade Augur (REP) for other coins whenever you want. Choose from a sizable list of supported cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC, Tether, Tezos, Dogecoin, and more.

Competitive Interest Accounts for Dozens of Crypto Coins

Our Zengo savings service offers better interest on your savings than most traditional banks can offer! But keep in mind, this service is only for specific coins. So, keep checking in because new offers are being added all the time.

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Augur (REP)

Thinking about investing in REP? Here are the key points to know about the project:

What Is Augur (REP)?

REP is the native token of Augur, a decentralized and no-limit prediction market where users can bet on the outcome of any real-world event. The wagers are settled with smart contracts and a decentralized exchange, so Augur is permissionless.

Who Created Augur (REP)?

Augur was developed by the Forecast Foundation which was founded by Jack Peterson and Joey Krug in 2014 when they saw an opportunity for prediction markets to help people find the truth in a sea of disinformation.

When Was Augur (REP) Introduced?

In 2014 the whitepaper was released. The Augur platform was officially launched in 2018 after a beta in 2016 and a token sale in 2015. In July of 2020, Augur launched version 2 of their platform, all tokens were migrated by users.

Why Was Augur (REP) Created?

Many current prediction markets are not accessible to everyone, while middlemen take large cuts, and centralized power can become corrupt. Augur’s decentralized, permissionless nature, and trustless settlement through smart contracts solve these problems.

What is the Use Case for Augur (REP)?

To trade on the Augur platform REP isn’t required. REP is used to settle the wagers created. Holders stake REP and “report” on the outcomes of events. If the reports are inaccurate, the user’s REP will be lost, and if accurate, they gain more REP.

Can You Mine Augur (REP)?

No, Augur cannot be mined. REP tokens can be earned by winning bets. REP can also be staked and assist the Augur protocol by “reporting” on the outcomes of wagers. These reporters earn a portion of the fees.

How Many Augur (REP) Tokens Are There?

At launch, 8.8 million REP tokens were created and are capped at 11 million. Users are incentivized to use REP, if they don’t, they get penalized. You can view the current amount of REP tokens on Etherscan.

What Kind of Blockchain Does Augur (REP) Run On?

REP is an ERC-20 token as Augur is built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, a new version called Augur Turbo is currently operating on the Polygon network to offer lower transaction fees.

Does Augur (REP) Have an Online Community?

Augur is active on a Discord chat run entirely by volunteers, along with Reddit and Twitter. Augur is also building AugurDAO, which has conversations about governance and developments here.

Why Does Augur (REP) Have Value?

The more REP tokens a user has through winning bets and providing accurate reporting, the more REP they have. This incentivizes competition for the fixed supply of REP and creates value from scarcity. 

Fun Facts About Augur (REP)

What Are the Features of Augur (REP)?

Why Choose Zengo?

Zengo is easy to use and flexible while keeping your crypto secure. With a Zengo keyless wallet, your tokens are always safe and accessible everywhere you go.

Portfolio Accessibility

The Zengo wallet delivers robust security that doesn’t interfere with your trading. Your assets are always in your control with our non-custodial protocol. Hold, purchase, sell, trade, or send REP anytime and anywhere.  

Augur (REP) Keyless Wallet Security

Zengo understands how important it is to keep your crypto safe. Our sophisticated 3-factor authentication, state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, and threshold key signature (TSS) keep your assets safe and secure.

Control your Crypto

With Zengo, you can buy, sell, send, and trade REP with a few quick taps. It’s fast, easy, and you always have control of your assets. Zengo has no minimums, maximums, or hidden fees, just crypto trading for everyone!

Effortless Recoverability

Even though Zengo is a non-custodial wallet, we guarantee that you can recover your tokens even if your phone is lost, broken, or stolen. Zengo uses advanced biometric verification instead of private keys, so you can always regain your assets.

In-App Live Agents, 24/7

We love automation, but nothing replaces a real human when you need assistance! That’s why Zengo’s in-app support is online 24/7 to solve any issues that might come up.

Augur (REP) Wallet FAQ

Need more information about Zengo’s REP wallet? No worries! Feel free to go over our Q&A below.

Zengo makes trading and holding REP easy. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. After downloading and installing Zengo, follow the prompts to verify your identity. Once you’re set up, head over to the home screen to purchase REP tokens!

To store Augur (REP) tokens, you will need a crypto wallet like Zengo that supports it. Zengo’s sophisticated biometrics and native security measures protect your assets and ensure that you’re the only person who can access your crypto. In the event that your device is stolen, lost, or broken, Zengo’s authentication system will recover your funds, so you won’t have to worry.

Your wallet is proof you own your coins. If you want to hold REP, you must have an Augur compatible wallet. In addition to holding, the Zengo wallet will also make it easy to buy, sell, send, receive, and trade REP all in one place.

It’s easy! You only need to follow these five steps:

  1. Find Zengo in the App Store or Google Play. Install the app and choose Get Started.
  2. In your email, you will get a link to verify your address.
  3. Follow the app’s prompts to set up facial recognition
  4. Always secure your account and choose “Backup Now.”
  5. Once you finish the in-app instructions, you have a Zengo wallet!

Welcome to crypto! You are now set to buy your first REP tokens.

Once you have opened a Zengo account, your REP address is automatically created. To view it, select REP on the Zengo home screen and just swipe right. You will see a long line of numbers and letters. This is your wallet address. To receive REP, share the numbers and letters with the sender. If they are nearby, the easiest way to give them your address is for them to scan the QR code provided!

In order to receive REP, the sender needs a wallet supporting REP. If they don’t have one yet, be sure to send them an invite to Zengo!


If you need to send REP, go to the Zengo home screen, select the token, and then swipe left. You must have your friend’s wallet address to complete the prompts. Tap send, and the person will get a verification message when the tokens land in their wallet.

In just a few taps! Find REP on the Zengo app home screen. Touch the icon, and swipe left. Get the receiver to share their wallet address with you, enter it into the app, follow the prompts, and tap send. When the funds arrive, the recipient will get a notification they have landed.

To receive REP tokens from someone, just share with them your wallet address. Find the REP token on the Zengo home screen. Then swipe right. The numbers and letters the app shows you are the REP wallet address. Have the sender scan the QR code or copy the address. You will get a notification when your funds arrive.