#Art4SHIB Design Challenge

Tl;dr: ZenGo is partnering with the SHIB community to enable the world’s first crypto wallet with a SHIB-focused experience!

UPDATE: Winners have been chosen! Scroll down 👇 to see winner and top submissions.

Calling all SHIB-community artists!

ZenGo is thrilled to work with the $SHIB community to design the first SHIB-focused user interface inside a crypto wallet. We are launching a 7-day design challenge to find the winning design: an in-app background that celebrates everything SHIB.

The winning artist will have their background added to the ZenGo wallet, and win 21.5 Million SHIB (approx. $1,000 USD)! Two runners-up will each receive 5.3 Million SHIB (approx. $250 USD). See design guidelines below.

Winning design will be announced and ‘dropped’ into your ZenGo wallets in early December.

Will it be your background that joins these 4?!

How to submit a design

  1. Reply to our pinned Twitter thread with your original design using the hashtag: #ART4SHIB
  2. Submissions open until Tuesday, November 30th at 1200 EST
  3. Like and RT favorite designs
  4. With input from the #SHIBArmy, ZenGo will pick 3 finalists
  5. Official design will ‘drop’ into the ZenGo crypto wallet in December!

ZenGo design guidelines

Size: 1284 x 776

Format: JPG, PNG (no alpha)

General guidelines:

  • Do not include the ZenGo logo
  • Do not include any copyrighted imagery or logos
  • Do not include any kind of typography
  • Do not include any photography

  • We place the wallet total in the middle of the image, so there shouldn’t be any distracting bits of illustration in the designated safe area (200 x 1284) in the middle of the image
  • The wallet amount is white, so the colors should have enough contrast in order for the numbers to display. See example here.

We ❤️ the SHIB community and are excited to support $SHIB!

  • Learn more about ZenGo’s support for Shiba Inu (SHIB) here.
  • Start buying Shiba Inu tokens through ZenGo here.

Announcing the #Art4SHIB winner!

Congrats to @tiswebndigital on the winning submission!
Honorable mention to @CaliBoY_SHiBA!
Honorable mention to @Celison1992!

Discover just a few of the 90+ #Art4SHIB submissions!